Strangest New Year Celebration

Interested to hear others tales of a strange New Year celebration.

To kick it off 2010/11 myself in a tent in Kabul with a German, 3 Poles and a Lithuanian passing round a bottle of Polish high yield vodka and toasting each others countries. One of the Poles (a Warrant Officer in his late 40's) fills my glass and his and toasts "The Cold War, when we all knew what we were doing".
I went to a Health & Safety conference in Moscow in 1994. On the last day there was a dinner with 20 toasts and we were expected to drink a glass of vodka after each toast. I ducked out after 10 and took a sip, over slept the next morning and missed the trip so explored Moscow on my own but that's another story. Happy New Year
I was set upon and forced to dance by a council estate MILF.

Sensing she was doing this to wind up a mouth breathing middle aged ex boyfriend watching from the bar I made my excuses and withdrew.
Ice climbing in Scotland, crashed in a bothy, shit faced on too much whiskey, decided flame throwing by gobbing petrol onto the fire was a bloody good idea. Ensuing fireball destroyed our pits. Froze our nuts off that night.

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