"Strangers in the night" Radio 4 (Falklands 82)

Great program, I wondered if any of our current mob would do as well as Rex Hunt did as I listened to the recordings.

Well worth a listen.
Mark Shurben-Browne 's item is very good and put's it in a nut shell especialy the after effects. I wonder how he is a furthur five years down the line ?
Was that not the song the Radio station was playing, in the film, when the Argies busted in???

An Ungentlemanly Act. One of my faves!!!!!!!
Spook_44 said:
Anyone know if you can get 'An ungentlemanly act' on DVD? Haven't seen it in yonks.
Got my copy from Play.com.

IIRC it cost me 4.95. Bargin.

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