Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Spanish_Dave, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  2. It may or may not be a Dog tag chain, and if it is, so what? that particular unit may have adopted the idea from the mil. for their own reasons.
    At a guess, I would say it is a chain for an ID card or Warrant card holder.
  3. I must need glasses I can't see the dog tags.

    The guy on the right has a G36 not a PDW
  4. That's possibly because he's not a police officer? Just like I'm guessing the people who shot our friend 5 times weren't police men either.
  5. The "dog tag" chain is also used to carry medic alert tags, he may be allergic to penicillin or similar and so carries a medic alert tag. Or indeed it could carry his ID/warrant card.

    I wouldn't have thought that a copper would need dog tags, as it is primarily a ID system which would be made redundant by the fact that all coppers carry ID.
  6. Looks like one of those wooden beaded "I've been to Thailand" necklaces to me.

  7. CaptainBlackadder wrote "That's possibly because he's not a police officer? Just like I'm guessing the people who shot our friend 5 times weren't police men either."

    If he wasn't, I doubt he'd wear dog tags.
  8. Agree V, just blown it up on screen.

    Clearly not metallic. and the beads are to large to be an ID chains.
  9. This is a very good point well made chocolate my friend. I will go and get my coat now.
  10. FWIW, Cop-Spotters, we have now all been issued these extremely groovy blue-and-white lanyards to hang our Warrant Cards or MPS Civil Staff ID from, to assist us in working out who the phuck is who at crime scenes, on operations (etc). Some of them have the name of the Borough you work on woven into them, or "Scotland Yard" or whatever. I actually rather like mine.

  11. Why do the press *never* get weapon identification right, the G36C (it that a left hand conversion the guy is holding?) looks nothing like an MP5K heh.
  12. ^ Yeah, it drives me nuts when they say "police armed with machine-guns." I've never seen a cop with a machine-gun. Carbines, pistols, rifles, support weapons....yes. "Machine-guns?" No.

  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    that doesnt look like a G36........ the magazine is straight, not curved, and only has one lug near the bottom for clipping on to other magazines..... also what looks like the ejection port looks like it stretches the length of the receiver, and the cocking handle is nowhere to be seen. has the picture been doctored? or was it done by the paper, and they used a really bad looking toy gun?
  14. The guy with the G36 seems to be wearing a gold chain to me.
  15. I agree looking at the picture again it does appear to have been altered, for a start the taclight holder magically disappears, there is no ejection opening (which is orginally why I thought it was a left hand version), along the side of the body seems to have been ran over with a clone brush, and there appears to be no magazine housing the mag just merges into the body. The cocking handle which is under the sight assembly also appears to be missing. Very strange, I'm fairly sure its meant to be a G36C as you can see the gas plug protuding.

    Maybe it's an airsoft gun heh