Strange Wedding Gifts

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_Fingerz, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. 14 years ? Bloody sprogs :)
  3. I guess she decided she didn't fancy having an IED or a 500lb bomb casing beside the telly...
  4. Strangest wedding gift I have seen was a lad who went to Hereford as a chef, he was best man to another chef in my Regt and gave the loving couple a framed picture of guys in black on the balcony

    To add to the turd of a present he even had it engraved

    "To xxx and xxx, all the best from Cpl I M A Sadwanker, 22 SAS"
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We did a classic stitch up to a mate when he got married. The whole mess agreed that we would all buy the cheapest, crappiest £3.99 toaster from Argos.

    Result: Happy couple stood in the reception hall greeting guests with large pile of identicaly sized and shaped boxes growing behind them on the present table. We put the receipts in so he could get the cash back. Apparantly Argos would not exchange 40 odd toasters at one store so he ended up driving to every Argos in the South East trying to get rid of them.

    We also got them one of those red letter day experience vouchers, so we aren't complete cnuts.
  6. i suppose that one of the gunners who used to vist wales left it as a gift in her house ( we used to always give the welsh girls a gift afterwards) and this was her way of explain why she had a cart case in the house