Strange tricks the body plays.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. I'm here unable to sleep because I'm getting phantom limb pain in my left stump which feels like my ankle is being crush and my calf has cramp.

    My right stump has nerve pain or to be more precise a nerve itch, it doesn't matter if you try and scratch, it just itches like a bugger.

    I had my latest surgery just before Christmas, when I pee know it feels like my balls are on fire.

    Do you have any strange tricks your body plays?
  2. Yeah, my body thinks I am awake, lying next to my poorly 3 year old in an effort to stop her crying the whole house awake, when actually i am tucked up in my bed...
    Oh, hang on...
  3. Is the phantom pain expected to subside in time?
  4. You've got syphilis. Did the surgeon use sterile instruments or just cutlery from the canteen?
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  5. Never had that, although every time I go for a slash it feels like I piss razor blades smeared with deep heat.
  6. Used to visit a home for old solders one chap from ww1 who had lost his legs reckoned he always felt as though he still had his boots on.
    I get weird stirrings in my groin area but after 25 years of marriage I have fuck all idea what they mean.
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  7. My liver is telling me that I have drunk too much... ah!
  8. Semi Walt! :)
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  9. I feel for ya Dingerr. I've had some surgeries, and every time they have done a bit of extra damage that I have to live with.

    I do have a trick you should try. You should have a large box laying about because of the recent holidays, and hopefully a couple of mirrors. One that will fit diagonally across from one corner to about the half way point, and one that is about the same width as the box.

    The box should be the right height to fit just under the seat of a straight back chair, with the top (long side open) facing front, and holes cut in the end (top) to place your legs in. With the mirror in the corner of the same side as your stump, and the other mirror facing the box at an upward angle toward your face, you should see the illusion of two legs.

    Move your leg while watching the phantom and concentrating on making the same movements with the missing leg. If you have a nice long back scratcher, you can scratch your good leg where you feel the itch on your phantom limb while watching the phantom in the mirror. These exercises should help you relieve your discomfort.
  10. Yep still get the phantoms 20yrs on , they used to be bad but over time have decreased but can sometimes catch me out.
    PM sent.
  11. The neurosurgeon I'm currently working for does a lot of work with people suffering from phantom limb pain. As the hospital is a specialist centre, we take referrals from all over the country (and abroad). PM me if anyone wants details.

    Eric Shawn, I think the "lady" you shared Christmas with might have left something for you to remember her by...
  12. Yank. I believe this a valid "therapy". However there is a slight flaw in your plan for Dinger.
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  13. methinks there might be a problem with this. :)
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  14. Ya know, I think I've had too much to drink this week. I could have sworn I read where Dingerr lost one, a while back, but didn't read the post today completely.

    Apologies Dingerr. I am back on the wagon for ROPs.

    Now, if we could find a volunteer to sit underneath to stand in for and coordinate movement for BOTH, perhaps that may be valid. I'd be a willing volunteer if I were in the neighborhood.
  15. Was that worth your 10,000th post?
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