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Strange things


Odd things are happening when you try to look at comments on blogs. When you want to use the 'discuss this' option, either you are directed to a page that says 'This topic does not exist' or you are taken to a page on an entirely different thread, one with no connection to the blog.

It might be just me, but there remains the chance that others might be affected.

Not a whinge, just thought you needed to know.

It happens in two different ways depending on how I navigate to the blogs.

If I go to 'my account', 'my blog' then scroll down to the foot of the one entitled 'SSAFA, libraries and rambling' and click on 'discuss this' I get redirected to a thread somewhere else entitled 'penis for hire'.

If instead I go to the pull down 'More ARRSE' tag, click on 'Blogs' then click on my 'SSAFA, libraries and rambling' blog and try to read the comments I get directed to the error page saying that this topic does not exist.

It's all very strange because comments have been left on that particular blog entry and I've previously been able to read them, but no longer.

(I hope I've explained it properly).
Taking a few at a time ....

1. Yes the reappearance of antique blogs is due to my attempts to fix this!

2. I think all the links now work..... although I know that from pages like this it incorrectly shows the number of comments. Phoenix is working with me on this so I'm certain we will have a solution soon!

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