Strange "thingie" on SUSAT

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Sugar_Junkie, Apr 8, 2003.

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  1. ARRSErs,

    Just perusing the latest 'Soldier' magazine, and not for the first time recently, i see a picture of a bod with some strange box bolted onto the side of hi SUSAT, it doesn't appear to be anyhting optical, unles he's got a cover on it, so WTF is it?!?!?

    Just curious  :)


    p.s. its on p17...
  2. It's an optical sight for the Rifle Grenade General Service, with its cover on......

    ....the original version was rivetted on to the SUSAT Emergency Battle Sight's rearsight, but that got binned. Probably got bent/got broken/poked the user's eye out too often....
  3. Ah! Many thanks! that cleares up some serious confusion!  ;D


  4. on further inspection of aforementioned picture, it appears that there is no grenade launcher attachment under the rifle, so WTF is going on here? or is the Rifle Grenade General Service yet another method of getting a bomb at the enemy that i dont know about?

  5. Sniper_Bird, who has recently been on a course, dealing with weapons and shooty things and the like, says it's a grenade thingy.

    Actually, what she said was

    "It's better than c0ck"

    Whatever that means
  6. Yup. You take the RGGS, slip it over the muzzle, you fire a live round, the RGGS traps the bullet, and uses the bullet's energy to launch it / trigger its own mechanism. No need for an underbarrel grenade launcher.

    It's known as a bullet-trap grenade. Other in-service rifle grenades have occasionally required special blank cartridges to fire them (CLAW and ENERGA) and special muzzle attachments (ENERGA, hence that little fastening pocket on the side of the 58-pattern ammo pouch)

    If you want pictures, look at an up-to-date version of Pam13 (Grenades, Pyrotechnics, et al) held in your training store - it includes cutaways.

    Before anyone says "spotter", I only know it's Pam13 because I spent an hour last week trying to sort out correctly amended pamphlets for our range box........
  7. Thanks for the elaboration, makes it clearer now! cheers!
  8. "ENERGA, hence that little fastening pocket on the side of the 58-pattern ammo pouch"

    My eyes have been opened!!! Always wondered what that pocket was for!?!?!?

    Still, if they've got that close perchance it's too late for the L15!
  11. Kuh, who'd of thought KFS rule
  12. Another prize can be awarded to Darkninja for replying to someone who is dead!

  13. Just what I was thinking and I bet he didn't know, why the SLR's gas plug had two settings either! :grin: