Strange thing happening when I open the Guardian website....

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Whiskybreath, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. This is an odd one. A couple of weeks ago I put a new hard drive into a laptop and installed all the usual software (XPpro, Office, Norton etc). In addition to ARRSE, my 'favourites' include a large number of news and newspaper sites (I like to sneer at the Grauniad and Sun after scanning the Telegraph).

    However, sudddenly the Grauniad site has taken a dislike to me; the instant I click a link to it or open the home page, all other internet activity is suspended, and each tab displays a 'IE cannot find'-type notice. Outlook express also stops and won't access any accounts except for the first two, which are a Yahoo and a GMail one (!? baffled.)

    The only way of getting back to normal seems to be to turn the computer off and on again. Would anyone know what's going on here?
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. msr you give good advice usually, but that is not a solution to his problems at all, it is just you touting your dislike for Norton and IE, a bit unfair as someone who has no clue might take your advice as a soilution to his problems
  4. Not wanting to detract too much from the original post and start a slagging thread, but i have nothing but contempt for Norton, especially the Anti-Virus and the crazy one that checks programs as they open.
    Even more so when companies like PCWorld pre-install them on under-powered, budget systems.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Fair point, but for someone who can fit a new HDD and re-install all his apps, I would have thought he could make a call on the advice given.

  6. When Symantec first brought Norton to the market it was a very good product but they have failed to keep it usefully updated.
    There are now better products about and they're free
  7. Norton is the very tool of the devil. Avoid it liek the plague - I'd almost rather have a virus than NAV !
  8. I agree that I dont like Norton, it used to be a very good product up to around the 2004 version, but since then has become a resource hungry monster.

    That said, the Norton 360 is apparently a vast improvement on the 2007 version
  9. So, he has a problem and takes MSRs advice and the problem disappears (hypothetically speaking as I have no idea if it will or not). Does that not constitute a solution?

    *EDIT: To account for my sausage fingers !!
  10. So! Flash installed - no change. Firefox installed - no change (and Firefox started doing it too). Norton (AV) wiped and 'Avira' put on temporarily - she flies. I've kept the Norton System works because it gets rid of all the crap that Windows seems to accumulate.

    Good one, msr. It looks like the Norton software (certainly the 2004/5 stuff that I have) is not only slowing startup down radically (and probably everything else too) but it's ballsing up the browser as well. So it's Kaspersky for me (and I'm keeping IE7 'cos I'm now used to it. Sod being flexible.)
  11. It does indeed constitute a solution, just like if you take your ford into a garage and tell the guy there is a small rattling sound in the engine and he tells you "Fords are shite" get a Vaxhaul, yep thats a fix to :p
  12. BuggerAll

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    One solution springs to mind - don't read the Grauniad - better for your blood pressure as well. Reading that shite just encourages them.
  13. I am humbled. I shall read and believe the Sun.