Strange Squaddie Food Combinations

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Killaloe, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Was listening to Chris Moyles driving to work this morning and they were talking about a Burgette (A Burger combined with an Omlette). Quite a funny debate on mixing foods.

    A couple of time a year when I am allowed out, I like to come home lashed with a takeaway Curry, Rice & Onions. I go to the cuboard and open an uncooked Fray Bentos Steak & Mushroom pie out of the tin, spoon it all into one of Mrs K's big glass mixing bowls, gently introduce the rice/curry/onions give it all a big mix through and then nuke it in the Microwave for 4 minutes. It is a throwback to coming home drunk as a singly and topping up my take away with rat pack food.

    I had a mate who used to enjoy pickled onion monster munch and giant smarties eaten together.

    My grandfather used to like a glass of stout and eat a cadburys dairy milk at the same time.
  2. I was (and still am) fond of chilli con carne with salad cream squirted all over it. Food of Kings!
  3. Surely "Strange Food Combinations" would have sufficed?

    Eating when leathered usually involves all of whatever is in the fridge, and always tastes good.

    Except JD and milk, when I'd ran out of diet coke one night. Avoid that one.
  4. I had a mate in 2 Para who always used to drink JD and chocolate milk. Couldn't get my head round that one.
  5. That's just wrong!
  6. Guinness and mars bars
  7. A strong Cheddar Cheese with strawberry jam smothered all over it :)
  8. Now yer talking my language, a good northern delicacy between 2 slices of monday to friday bread with a smattering of diesel hand marks
  9. I used to know a bloke who would to put every type of sauce known to mankind, on his food and mix it all up, he was a big lad and ate a mountain of food for some obscure reason it used to make me feel sick.
  10. On top of an oatmeal block.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Replace the cheddar with Cheese Possessed and you are spot on!
  12. Ahhh the undeniable grande taste of an oatmeal block CP and jam.... is there anything to match it?

    On the chilli front mit salad cream, im on the same lines but with lasagne. cant beat it.
  13. Salad cream - not mayo - on chips...
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  14. I was in a bedford in Kenya with a lad from 3 Para MT, he was talking about how he couldn't wait to get back to the 'Shot' so he could down a large Guinness, when I casually mentioned I didn't drink the Black Stuff he almost put me through the windscreen when he slammed on the breaks, turned to me and said "Why the F*&^ don't you like Guinness?!!!!" - I knew there was no way we were going anywhere until the problem was resolved so just replied that I preferred Bitter or Lager. We sat there while he pondered on my answer before telling me to promise as soon as I got back to blighty that I would try it with a drop of Creme De Menthe dropped in and well mixed 8O

    "Creme De Fckuking Menthe" I thought to myself :? before he continued and said it tasted like Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream!!! I had to lie and promise I would try it as soon as I got back, before he started up and we moved off again...

    Admittedly I never did try his Mint Choc Chip ice cream flavoured pint of Guinness but I did develop a liking for Guinness upon my return, without the Creme De menthe...
  15. I have always enjoyed peanut butter and lemon curd mixed together in a sandwitch. Tasty Business!