Strange Silence from MDN

So.. boyo, what gives?

back in the day at jargon when you went by the moniker "leonard " it wasall we could do to shut you up, blabbing, as you did, over Beyonce and Jennifer Anniston..and how you ' unmentionable ' both..

Well, boy.. what gives?.. Brad Pitt has dumped poor Jenny for new trophy, Anjelina, and she's sitting at home pining away for a hunk o' hunk of burning something and you're not cashing in the kid's inheritance for a flight over to offer a shoulder to cry on?..

I've been scanning the tabloids and the gossip websites and haven't spotted her with anything that looks remotely like you..

my faith is being shaken in veracity of your ' memoirs '..

anyone else feel the same?


blessed baby cakes said:
no he means someone MDN has had a gay marriage with or dumped on the way to Kens london city hall palace of gay loving......

you're obsessed with all things gay! 8O

are you a closet carpet muncher? :p
MDN is probably being held in a safe house by Phil and the other guys over at the Ultimate farcical site.

Any news of a ransom yet? :D
Fear not...... The Regimental Handsome man is still lurking.

Bombed out at work and an urge to Weld Anya to an anvil hasn't helped.
Hands off Angelina Mr. Pitt , she has my name tattooed on her good self.

You can go back to Aniston.
I saw this and was worried about you:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two New Yorkers have been diagnosed with a rare sexually transmitted disease that is spreading among gay and bisexual men in Europe, the city health commissioner says.

The disease, known as LGV or Lymphogranuloma venereum, is caused by specific strains of chlamydia and is often marked by painful, bloody rectal infection and genital ulcers.

"LGV is a serious condition and its emergence in New York City reflects continuing high levels of unsafe sexual activity among men who have sex with men," Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden told a news conference on Wednesday.

"Unprotected anal intercourse, in particular, is extremely risky in terms of the spread of LGV as well as HIV," he added.

The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has confirmed six recent cases in the United States, including three cases in San Francisco and one in Atlanta.

The Netherlands has reported 92 cases of LGV dating back to 2003 and Belgium, France, Sweden and Britain have also reported infections.

Most people infected report having multiple sex partners and engaging in unprotected anal intercourse and other high-risk practices, officials said.

LGV can be cured by a three-week course of antibiotics if identified early. Untreated, it can cause swelling and scarring of the genitals and permanent damage to the bowels.

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