Strange Shagging Music

Ok, heres my nomination.

I was shagging a 37 year old woman, while I was but the tender age of 19, and I suddenly noticed that this was playing on MTV as I sunk my pork sword conkers deep into her snatch, which had been suitable loosened by childbirth. She did however know what she was doing......

Anyway, I just came typing that, so reminiscing over.

You try keeping your stroke whilst this is blaring in your face.

I nearly needed fucking therapy after
Thinking back, I do remember shagging to a particularly odd piece of music.
Jefferson Airplane - White rabbit
A strange song anyway, but you try fcuking to it!!


First time in Chicago... some years ago (wat before current Mrs. DS set in)... went to to this lass' place (we met at the Hange Uppe, top bar if you are new in town and can hold your booze decently)
while we were getting to business she puts on a CD
Jethro Tull (way before my time, I must say)
then came the awkward question
DS: Eh...... how old are you, then, dear? (music was a giveaway)
DS Girl: 32, and you?
DS: 22
DS Girl: Oops...
(awkward silence followed, all I cold hear was a bloody flute from the CD)
Somehow we got back to the action...
Anyway, a great yank girl (save for her taste in music... and in beer... kept a bottle of rum in the cupboard though... brilliant addition to morning coffee!)... we saw each other on and off for my time there... but introduced her to (then) "current" music (third wave ska was big then, like No Doubt, Sublime, etc.)
I admit, though, that shagging with a song by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones as background music indeed takes a little practice... and it's pretty odd... even for the Midwest.
Im waiting for MDN to say that his was the noise of the baby mobile as he was entered by (insert family member) when he was still in nappies.......

:twisted: :twisted: :) :)
Praetorian said:
Im waiting for MDN to say that his was the noise of the baby mobile as he was entered by (insert family member) when he was still in nappies.......

:twisted: :twisted: :) :)

Why, that would be dull and silly.

If I want to seduce someone I put on a medley of Party hits, silver shoes and a stetson and inject botox directly into the end of my johnson...... Drives em mad
I Like to Move It by Reel 2 Reel ft. The Mad Stuntman, I defy anyone to keep a straight face and maintain their rhythm with that on the stereo.
The Cocteua twins whilst getting a nosh from a very well practiced fact all QAs are well practiced noshers :wink: ....males included :twisted:

Every time I hear their dulcit, haunting tones I get a tear in my eye, a throbbing in my groin..........and a slight discharge in rememberance of her excellent skills


Wallace and gromit ultimate shagging tune you just help going along to the rhythm
Not music - but once had a BJ whilst playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the computer - dies the sound of losing rings count?
I was in a "relationship" with an australian woman - she was 47 and I was 32 but she was very easy on the eye with nice little breasts...oh sorry I've come. Oh and I've just come again..back to the point...she used to like to listen to Dore Previn whilst making the beast with two pouches.

I mean FFS...the only people who like to do anything to dore Previn are suicide attempters! Did I mention she was mad? Her counsellor actually rang me when we busted up to abuse me and weep that I had undone five years of his work. Obviously not good quality work I wittily quipped...mind you I was[/] a complete bastard to her in the end and after she had sent me fizzy fish to Bos' every week!


Beat It by Michael Jackson (I think thats for when I'm on my own though)

I remeber doing this bird for the first time when channel 4 did the first showing of the MJ Video for BAD - I lasted the whole video.

I was so Bad I was Good..................
milsum said:
The Archers, on Radio 4.

nothing strange about that, thousands of good honest shire-folk have been getting it on to "Barwick Theme" on Sunday mornings for years! Until the fenianette came along me and TFB used to enjoy the TTSTST routine - tea, toast, Sunday Times, slap and tickle - every Sunday with the Archers playing in the background!
Get Ready for This - 2Unlimited?

The Planet Suite - Holst? Mars, the bringer of jollity (hahahaha)

...actually can't stand music during lurrvve... but do remember that compilation album by Haagen Das people with Kate Bush wuthering away in the background...
I had a home tape that had been recorded over several times. So there we were, happily humping away to the sensual moody sound of "The Doors", music ends, tape plays on silently, increased rate of horizontal dancing, tape cuts back in, very loud, halfway through "The Young Ones" singing Living Doll with Cliff Richard.

About the 3 minute mark on the youtube link......


War Hero
Once had "Elvis sings xmas" as background music, don't remember the actual tune though...too busy trying not to laugh as the 'king' was crooning away... :lol:


War Hero
Not quite music but... One of my ex's was quite noisy in bed, to the extent where her entire house would complain in the morning after. She got into the habit of leaving the tele on during our late night forays in bed. Quite often back in 2004 itv would put an old repeat of the bill on. You try shagging to the sound of sirens and badly faked cockney accent. I got distracted once whilst she was bouncing around on top and got caught watching it. Got such a belt round the face for that, she was a lacrosse player too, strong wrists.


Was the doing the disco at a cpls mess function, misses giving me a Bj under the table, when the padre came over for a chat. La freak by chic was played 7 times as i couldnt move to change the record, even he started giving me funny looks, oh happy memories.

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