strange question from son's interview.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by de_light, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. My 16 year old son has done selection etc got an A and has his start date for April so all ok there.

    He went to Glencourse and as the subject of a lot of banter from the staff there particularly 2 of them regarding him being a geordie and supporting Newcastle he took it all in good spirits though, again no problem.

    However during his final interview the guy asks him "do you think I am a W****r, my son replied yes laughing, the interviewer laughed and so did the guy in the next room the other bloke who had being giving him grief all day.

    Then was told he had done really well, lots of positive feedback blah blah blah.

    What I want to know is why would he ask him that? it's been playing on my mind since he came back. This could have gone either way I feel. Was it still part of the banter I can't see it going down to well when he is at winchester and I have advised him not to do it again.

    What were they trying to find out from him, I still feel slightly bemused by it.

  2. I would say that it was a light hearted test of character. There’s still a lot of black humour and banter in the forces – thank god! But there’re people who join up who can’t take it or who can’t tell the difference between banter and bullying.

    Given the account that you have stated, I would say that your son said exactly the right thing.

    Asked the same question by the Sgt-Maj as he is shouting at you on the drill square, would require a different response!
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  3. That's what I was thinking, just couldn't quite reason it in my head. Just seemed such an odd thing to ask. My son does have a good sense of humour and can mix it with the best of them and after giving him grief all day I did wonder whether this was the final acid test.

    Thanks for the reply and he definitely knows when to draw the line, I have told him not to answer back though.
  4. Either that or Sgt Glitter is now in recruitment.
  5. It could have been worse, I was asked if I had a girlfriend & if I was gay. Admittedly I was young & naive & applying to join the RAF.... but not that naive, so I walked across the road to the Army recruitment office.
  6. I think you may have misheard:

    They asked if you wanted to be gay!
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  7. Perphaps becasue your son did so well, maybe they were looking for a chink in ia armour.
  8. Possibly they were just bored after asking the same questions to an endless line of applicants.
    Or one of them wanted confirmation on a point raised in a private conversation between the two interviewing officers.

    Either way the correct answer should have been, "Do you really need me to tell you what you already know?"
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  9. What kind of chink in the armour? whether he had the bottle to answer it or if he would chicken out.

    They did pass him for adult entry as well. Apparently they don't always do that when selection is for junior entry so he must have answered correctly. It seems that they did it because he is mature for his age, funny I don't get that when he is in the house.
  10. Not sure he would have thought that one up at short notice :)
  11. He possibly was asked a few tough questions and the interviewer was asking him as a result off putting him on the spot.

    Don't worry at Winchester he won't be asked that by any staff!
  12. Don't be an overprotective queer. It's a good thing and they were having a laugh.
    Trust your son to know when to go along with a joke, and when to hold his tongue, he's joining the sodding army ffs if you're keen enough to let him go ahead then you should trust his common sense.

    EDIT to add,
    At a PRMC a mate of mine was told to go "finish a guy off" when he was taking too long in the toilets. It's just the banter.
  13. It is good though that your son would tell you that. A lot of lads that age wouldn't tell their parents about the language used in the Army!
  14. and that banter could have resulted in him being refused "ffs". While I have to give my permission for him to join the army with him being under 18 I feel I can ask what I like. At such a point he turns 18 I don't need to know.

    I Didn't say I didn't trust him, but it didn't seem an appropriate question to ask during his final interview all I wanted to know was their reasoning behind it. There didn't seem as if there was a clear definition between the banter during the day and the interview .

    Thanks for the input mind really informative :nod: :thumright:
  15. Wait untill someone asks him to suck there cock in the mess.