strange pm in chat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    Received a strange message in chat.

    So what would arrse make of this?
  2. Yes, I was trying to talk press_it into giving me hot homosexual sex, woe is me, I've been caught, etc, there was I looking for cock when I accidentally ended up in touch with one! 8O
  3. Situation normal, nothing to see here, move along, move along...
  4. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    Shut it bummer you have been outed, just man the feck up and andmit you love a spicy salami down your throat.
  5. You consider taking a salami down your throat to be manly?
    Hmmmm *nods sagely* :D .
  6. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    Deny you sent me that in chat.
  7. Sounds like you're jealous Spaz that the Hermer was knocking one out in chat but not to you! :twisted:
  8. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    Y e s t h a t s r i g h t :roll:
  9. I'm not a hermer.

    I'll do better than that, I'll confirm I sent it you in chat.
    The plot thickens, ooooo.
  10. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    So your not a hermer, just a dirty bummer?
  11. Spaz, Squiddly, man up, rubber up and get a room - if it helps, you're only gay if you push back and enjoy it!
  12. Haven't you gone to bed yet?
    I like my chap, I've no intention of getting bum muck all over it.
  13. He's waiting for you to sweep him off his feet, bigboy... :roll:
  14. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    I sense a twitch from you old man stop imagining two nubile young men going at it and carry on reading your Saga mag.
  15. 2 Nubile young men? WAH!


    And don't knock Saga Mag, grannie porn is much under rated.... :twisted: