Strange Phone Call....

Anyone else who has applied recently (to be an officer) recieved a phone call about a researcher coming to meet you to discuss joining the army?

Just got off the phone and the woman was fairly vauge, seemed a bit strange to me.... :?
I hope you didn't give her your bank account details.
Get in there my son!


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I would get straight onto your liaison officer or Careers office and just enquire about the validity of this researcher.
Yeah i plan to when im out of work....just a bit concerned as she seemed to know details of my application...

Rather strange if you ask me!
You can slip your safety catch back on I think.
I dimly recall hearing about a piece of work being done by a consultant, the aim of which was to report on the reasons why potential SUTs (woo hoo, get me with the 'with-it' lingo!) decide for or against joining.
Can't for the life of me remember who the instigator was but HQ PSC were asked for their cooperation in reaching those that had taken the shilling.
Hope this helps.
flynavy said:
1471 the number and then type the number into google and see if it comes up genuine
Had a missed call off a Birmingham based number...googled it and there was one post claiming it was from a bank - Link

God knows what it is then 8O
It's Sir Mark Thatcher's outfit. Fancy some malaria and rum?
I had a similar call the other week, a woman called claiming to be from the Army and told me to open my front door and show my bare arrse to the postman, afterwards I found out it was a cheap phone scam and the bloke wasnt even a real postman, he had brought the uniform off ebay, bloody postman walt, I feel so stupid and used that I fell for such a cheap trick.
Researcher walt....
ca1_794 said:
She said she was commisioned by the army to review the application process....

Mystery over....
What rank :? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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