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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by atmycommand, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. Just notice that over a thousand pounds was paid into my account ( in normal pay fromat HMG) on the 10th of this month

    Ive had nothing in writing to suggest a payment like this would be made eg the tax rebates.

    I have had a armed forces compensation scheme claim in for a number of months though. If this money is from this scheme is this the manor it would be paid in?

    Cheers AMC
  2. Put it away in a seperate account and don't spend it til you've had the AOK from your admin gurus.
  3. Mate, what do you need a grand for if you live in a manor?

    Give it back you thieving twat!
  4. Novel concept an "admin guru". Never seen one.
  5. i wonder how many x factor votes this would get me
  6. Pastry faced, paper shuffling war dodger, is what he really means!

    admin arse!
  7. There are a few knocking about - Like in any trade, pot luck on what you get though.
  8. If it is AFCS claim you should receive a letter detailing their decision and award. The money goes in pretty quick, so the letter could be in the post.

    Check here to see if any of the tariffs match the money you've been paid.

    Armed Forces Compensation Scheme General Information
  9. you appear to be spot on there Dingerr. Just confirm it on monday and happy days!

    cheers for the link
  10. You may also receive another payment as some of the tariffs have been increased, these uplifted payments are also on the link somewhere.
  11. you were correct dingerr!

    Cheers AMC