Strange party

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. As some of you are aware, I am a bit of a Billy No Mates, however, I've been invited to a private party this coming Sunday. Woo Hoo.

    It's fancy dress, maybe 20 women and 4 blokes, pics are of course a possibility, and the theme is Dead People.

    I have scotched the idea of turning up dressed as my late wife, and wouldn't feel happy going as Hitler. I have long given up eating, and looking like a shit sandwich.

    It must be obvious as to I am when I enter.

    I prefer to dress smart at a party, so collar and tie is good, and I have a perfectably respectable DJ. I do not do anything involving home made clothing, and would prefer home, to a cell, post party.

    So, my cunty chums, any ideas?

  2. Jesus he's dead.... But as far as i know he didn't wear a DJ to the last supper.
  3. Colonel Gaddaffi in his military get up. white your face a bit, put on a bit of red makeup in a dot for the gunshot wound. sorted.
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  4. Are you quite sure there is not a bowl and a load of keys involved in this?
    If so, can I have an invite?
  5. Arte doesn't drive so his taxi driver is looking forward to the idea
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  6. Nice, and bang up to date, *thinking aloud... will it get me a shag?*
  7. I find this outfit to be a great ice breaker at parties.

  8. 2797_dean-martin-145067.jpg

    Added bonus of having to drink like a fish to be "in character".

    Editted to add: that would also work with George Best or Ollie Reed, though I'm not sure how often either of those two were seen in a DJ...
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  9. How about John Wilkes Booth or Albert Desalvo, both quite the dandy when alive.
  10. I feckin gave you that photo for personal use. Now I feel like an old party balloon. Deflated. But not ashamed.
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  11. 4 blokes and 20 women, if you don't get one you are obviously a gayer.
  12. Stick half a burned out car tyre on your head, cover yourself in shit tattoos and slip into one of Jarrod's best dresses. Voila - Amy Winehouse.

    Alternatively, put on 10 stone, inflate your lips to 20lb and tip up to the party in an ill-fitting bikini - Jade Goody.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. That may get him a shag,after she as finished laughing.
  15. I see where you are going oh skint one, however the hostess is going as the Winehose creature, and there's no time to add the amount of weight required for a Jane Goody job.