Strange one this;

I just recieve this E-Mail rom the Ex-Mil jobs website

[/quote]Hi Guys,

My name is Adam Douglas. I have asked Jean-Claude to pass this message out to you all from the Ex Mil website. I am a former member of HM Forces Regular Army and a former member of our Reserve Forces.

I was wounded in action in the invasion and war fighting phase of Op Telic back in 2003. Therefore I am under the old system of war pensions and do not come under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) which was introduced in 2005.

To cut a very long story short, back in January 2006, I took the promise of a “World Class System of Treatment Support and Benefits” to a Judicial Independent Tribunal hearing. It took a very slow system until the 18th June 2008 to be heard.

It was the unanimous decision in less than 5 minutes deliberation of the Judicial hearing that the entire statement and promise had not been delivered in my case and found The Veterans Agency, the DWP, the DWP (DLA), the DWP (DLA Mobility), the DWP (DLA Care), Social Services, The Leeds NHS Trust along with the Leeds PCT and finally the Job Centre Plus (Disability) all at fault. This list is by no means complete as there are at least 10 to 15 other minor organizations that I have to deal with every day IE district nurses etc etc.

This system has failed to deliver any of these promises and routinely brakes down on a day to day basis, the main reason is that so many organizations and agencies are having to share information or await information and decisions having been made or taken by another agency first. I am at this moment, the only ex service person to have taken the system of treatment support and benefits to any form of hearing separate to the compensation scheme and won. I have a certificate from the Crown stating and supporting my actions against the Government on this matter. This story will be featured soon on the Trevor McDonald Tonight programme, along with other Service failings that have become apparent regarding Selly Oaks.

In order to also place further pressure on the Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary and also for the Trevor McDonald Tonight programme to have further evidence, I have been asked to compile a return and petition of anyone else that has suffered under either the old War Pensions scheme or the new AFCS.

For those of you who would like to take part in this or have suffered, please send a blank e mail to the following address I will then forward you an Excel spreadsheet to fill in and the return.

Unfortunately, this needs to be completed for the Trevor McDonald Tonight programme by the end of Wednesday the 8th Aug. by doing this, we will with your help, place further pressure on the Government and bring further into public knowledge, the failings of this inadequate, derisory and demeaning system that treats our wounded and injured colleagues.

If you cant make the Wednesday deadline, still fill it in and send back so it can be given as a petition to the Prime Minister at a later date.



Anyone shed any light?

Seacroft Today said:
Adam Douglas: Seacroft Iraq war veteran wins partial benefits fight victory

Iraq war veteran Adam Douglas from Seacroft.

Iraq war veteran Adam Douglas has finally won his fight for carer's benefit for his wife.
But he faces the battle again – every year for the rest of his life.

He will have to have an annual assessment of the injuries suffered when he was blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade in Basra.

Adam, 41, of Seacroft, has to wear continence products day and night and walks with difficulty with a stick. Sometimes he is crippled with pain.

His wife Maria has given up her job to look after him and he was fighting for a carer's allowance for her.

The Department of Work and Pensions turned him down because they claimed his disability was not severe enough.

But an independent tribunal of a doctor, solicitor and care worker found in his favour – in just five minutes.

Maria will now get £44 per week carer's allowance backdated for a year. But Adam now faces the whole process again to get the allowance for the next year.

"Same paperwork, same people and same injuries," he said. "The DWP said they would send me the forms in the post.

"The tribunal members were stunned when the DWP woman said my claim could only run until April 18 this year. So that date had now passed and I had to claim again.

"The tribunal members looked at each other as if to say this is stupid.

"They were also amazed that the DWP could have opposed my claim for
carer's allowance when they heard about my injuries.

"The result has lifted my morale and spirits, but my injuries are never going to go away, will probably not get better and will probably get worse.

"I do feel bitter about the way soldiers are treated in relation to civilians.

"A female clerk at the MoD who complained RSI stopped her from typing got a £500,000 pay-out and she can claim disability benefit.

"I always got the feeling from the DWP that they thought I was a benefit fraud. This tribunal decision vindicates me in every way."

Adam paid tribute to Roundhay councillor Val Kendall, who took up his case.

She said: "I read about Adam in the Yorkshire Evening Post – and the way he was being treated seemed totally unfair."

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