Strange novelty food

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Crab_Cadet, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. I am sitting here chewing/eating/licking a stick of Cider flavoured rock.

    I have a packet of alcoholic flavoured rock and will work my way through them this week. :D

    Have any of you encoutered other weird, novelty, edible items?
  2. Singlies hotplate.
  3. Yeah.....

    Bought a box of licorice pastilles in Germany on exercise last year, called 'SPUNK'.....

    What a laugh we had for the rest of the exercise offering these sweets to senior ranks and officers, then pissing ourselves because we could legitimatley tell people that we'd hand fed officers my spunk....
  4. Didnt he say 'edible'?
  5. Actually, this cider rock is fcuking disgusting
  6. Yea he did but once or twice I found some edible stuff which was quite novel! :lol:
  7. Yea he did but once or twice I found some edible stuff which was quite novel! :lol:
  8. Hope you don't get to drunk of it and start posting things you will regret in the morning.
  9. Cybercandy in London is brilliant.

    i got some of their lollipops with scorpions in last Christmas and they went down a storm (well riot anyway). Their peppermint ants are good too.
  10. pu55y sweets

    there is a young woman on the net who will insert a lolly pop then re wrap and send out to you.

    different slant on things but also quite tempting.
  11. some women will do anything! sounds like my partners ex.....
  12. And your guarantee of where she has inserted it is.....?
  13. good point, but if you were the sort to buy that sort of thing of the internet, you are the sort that wouldn't really be bothered where it had been.