Strange navigation issues when not logged in.

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BanjoBill, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. I noticed this yesterday when I received a reply in forum email. Every time I tried to click on a specific page, I was redirected to another one in the same thread. It was late, I was pished and I couldn't be arrsed reporting it. So can't remember the details.

    ************ ************ ************

    Just received another reply in thread email, directing me to:

    This thread is located at:

    This page kept auto refreshing - pain in the arrse!

    The URL showing in the address bar is:

    But it was resolving at the top of the page - then reloading. I had to be quick - but by clicking page 16 the bug ended.

    ************ ************ ************

    I then logged in to check if it was same, followed the link from my email and it links direct to the post by: BiscuitsAB - post3946482.... all seems fine and dandy.

    Can't be sure what is to blame: My stats:

    Mac OSX: 10.6.8
    FF: 6.0.2

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    Can test it on following if it helps:

    OS as above: Safari, Chrome, Opera.

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    Can also test in WinDoze 7, various browsers.... but due to it being Windoze this could take a decade or two before I get back to you with a SITREP.
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Thanks for the report. because it's gone I'd only be guessing at what's happening but I will click on the links in any notifications I get and try and get the same thing.
  3. I'll let you know in here - if it happens again. Only seems to happen when NOT logged in.

    I thought it might be the Google ads script, but didn't take notice if the advert changed when I logged in... might be the end of the summer equinox - and when I think about it... definitely could be Pikeys or Mr Shortt.... :crash: