Strange Medal I Keep Seeing Royals Wearing

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Lepus, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody explain to me two things,

    1) The blue sash that all royals seem to wear in uniform, im guessing this is something like the Order of the Bath or the like.

    2) The strange medal that resembles a flower on a red ribbon that I have seen several royals sporting, most notably Charles. It can be seen in this photo on the right hand side of his medal bar.


  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

  3. All the Windsors are very good at giving themselves ranks , medals and orders for doing absolutely nothing .
    sorry perhaps that medal is the grand order of parasites and freeloaders ??
  4. Background
    The Queen’s Service Order, with an associated Medal, was instituted by Royal Warrant, dated 13 March 1975, and amended by a Royal Warrant, dated 15 October 1981. The title of the Order commemorates the fact that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the first "Queen of New Zealand".
    The Order consists of The Queen as SOVEREIGN and those persons appointed to its membership, who are styled COMPANIONS.

    It is a single fourth-level Order, sub-divided "For Community Service" and "For Public Services". Ordinary membership is limited to 30 appointments per annum.

    Princes and Princesses of the Blood Royal and members of the Royal Family may be appointed EXTRA COMPANIONS. Extra Companions include HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (1981), HRH The Prince of Wales (1983) and HRH The Princess Royal (1990).

    The Governor-General of New Zealand and his or her spouse may be appointed ADDITIONAL COMPANIONS, usually on their retirement from Vice-Regal office.

    Companions may use the letters "QSO" after their name.

    Associated with the Order is a Medal, designated The Queen's Service Medal (QSM) which ranks as a sixth level award and like the QSO has two sub-divisions. Recipients of the Medal may use the letters "QSM" after their name.

    The Governor-General is PRINCIPAL COMPANION and the Clerk of the Executive Council is ex-officio SECRETARY AND REGISTRAR of the Order.

    The Order and Medal arose out of the 1974-75 review of the honours system and the desire for an honour to highlight voluntary service to the community and service through elected and appointed public office.

    Appointments to the Order and awards of the Medal are made “for valuable voluntary service to the community or meritorious and faithful services to the Crown or similar services within the public sector, whether in elected or appointed office.” Military service is ineligible.

    The first appointments to the Order and awards of the Medal were made in The Queen’s Birthday Honours announced on 14 June 1975.

    The badge of the Order is based on a stylised representation of a manuka flower. It consists of five large and five small stylised petals in frosted sterling silver, superimposed in the centre of which is a silver-gilt medallion bearing the crowned effigy of The Queen (after Cecil Thomas, OBE, FRBS) within a circle of red enamel bearing the name of the sub-division and surmounted by Royal crown (St Edward’s Crown) also in silver-gilt. The full name of the appointee is engraved on the reverse of the badge.

    The obverse of the Medal bears the effigy of The Queen (after Cecil Thomas, OBE, FRBS) surrounded by the Royal styles and titles. The New Zealand Coat of Arms surrounded by the name and sub-division of the Medal appears on the reverse. The initials and surname of the recipient is engraved on the rim of the Medal.

    Both the QSO and QSM are worn from and identical ribbon on the left lapel of the coat or from the ribbon tied in a bow and worn on the left shoulder.

    The ribbon of both the QSO and QSM is identical. It has narrow red ochre (kokowai) edges with in the centre alternating diagonal steps in ochre, white and black descending from left to right. The design is based on the Maori Poutama (stepped) pattern used in Tukutuku wall panels. It is usually interpreted as the "stairway to heaven" but in this instance alludes to "steps of service".

    Lapel badges, for everyday wear, for Companions of the QSO and holders of the QSM were instituted in 1999.

    The QSO and QSM are currently made by the Royal Mint, United Kingdom.

    See also the Design of the New Zealand Orders Insignia - the Maori Dimension and the Designer.
  5. Old Timer shared deep thoughts

    Miss out on the Golden Jubilee medal did you?

    You’ll find that the Duke of Edinburgh’s campaign medals are real, as is Prince Andrew’s SA medal. They have smelled the smoke (especially DOE). Have you?

    As for giving themselves rank and gongs, well you can’t get much more senior to ‘Queen’ (who is also Lord High Admiral). It gives her certain ‘gifts’. The Prime Minister is free and easy with rank and gongs too. Would you rather he was our Commander in Chief?

    Was there anything else?
  6. How dare you. Yesterday, entirely due to the efforts of Miss Zara Phillips training a horse called Manor Down, I won £60 at the Beaufort Point to Point. While your contribution to my finances may indeed be in the post, I hardly think it fair that a tight wad like yourself can cast nasturtiums on a lady so royal, fragrant, beautiful and yea generous as to pay for my Saturday night on the pop.
  7. reading that bit about the QSO, I think you will find that instead of royals bigging it up themselves, its more sycophantic kiwis trying to score brownie points.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Interested to see an article in the paper yesterday about Phil The Greek's German mother. It seems that Phil was the youngest of five siblings, the others all girls. About 1937 an aeroplane crash killed a few and among the group leading the cortege behind the coffin (in a photo shown with the story) was a 16-year-old Phil in the company of a number of Nazi officials and an SS officer.

    I wonder how hard it was for him to choose sides when Hitler's boys went on their European Tour? I guess he made the right choice. But I still haven't forgiven him.

    Late in 1982 I arrived on posting attached to 12 Armd Wksp, whose barracks were in a wood in the back of Mercer Bks Osnabruck. The REEMs were to be visited by their Colonel-In-Chief (Phil). I'd spent enough time in the cavalry mindlessly sweeping up leaves every week during area cleaning. Being located in a wood, I never for a moment believed we'd be expected to sweep up all the leaves IN THE WOOD for Phil. Oh how wrong I was. What made it worse was that I then discovered that the rest of the workshop area had been cleaned using a 4 Tonner with a leaf-sucker attached.
  9. Forgiven him for what AlienFTM?
  10. AlienFTM: do you seriously think that Phil the Greek had demanded that the woods be swept?

    If so, then you are an ARRSE!

    When Gen De la Billier visited us in Aldershot in '89 the GSM had us painting tarmak black and grass green. Even better was spending a morning clearing all the leaves (on a nice autumn day) from the entire grassy area around Buller Bks. The GSM then decided that it didn't look 'natural' and so you had 150+ soldiers running through the trees emptying leaves out of bin bags.

    Do you think that Gen Peter had asked for all the BullShit?
  11. To answer your first question, Xplosiverab, the blue sash that you refer to is no doubt the sash of the Order of the Garter, though not all in the Royal family are members.
  12. OK so Andy and Phil saw some action, fair enough.

    How did Edward qualify for the GSM though?
  13. Wah!

    Prince Edward does not wear the GSM.
  14. Sorry Sea Dog
    I thought that William IV was the Last Lord High Admiral, my source is wrong?
  15. Indiana Del wrote

    William IV may well have been the last Lord High Admiral. The current one is Elizabeth II. Page one of the Navy List.

    The Office was either disolved or invested in the First Lord (not to be confused with the First Sea Lord) for a while. I am insufficiently 'anorak' to know for sure without further enquiry.

    Alien FTM wrote (among other stuff)
    No more difficult that the 'choice' facing Prince Louis in WWI.

    In 1937? So the problem (because you wouldn't bring it up otherwise) is what?

    All rise. Admiral of The Fleet HRH Duke of Edinburgh. (Except Alien ATF. You have some leaves to sweep up, withouth the aid of a leave sucker upper). :roll: