Strange Mast and CCTV Cameras!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Andie, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. I saw something strange the other day I was working by a 3G Mast down in Harlow,Essex when two Military Land Rovers turned up along with a plain white transit and opened the cabinet and proceeded to work there for two hours. Also the town has now been surrounded by some tubular cameras on all exits with a small aerial.
  2. What a very peculiar first post. I don't believe the ARRSE shop stocks tinfoil hats, but I imagine they're fairly easy to make.
  3. I believe aliens have earmarked Harlow for a landing site, the Army got wind of this and started to play around the comms so they could listen in to the aliens' transmissions and set up cameras so we could spy on them :roll:
  4. I Know what they are but I'm not going to tell you
  5. Ah, that is almost certainly Op Valiant, phase B. ;)
  6. Strange indeed Andie - what do you think they are, you were there??
  7. So exactly how many exits with a small aerial does Harlow have? And have you checked them all?

  8. The bit that worries me is these 3 vehicles turning up and doing all this without human supervision
  9. Hackle - sssssssssssssssssh!

    That's what Op VALIANT (Phase B) is all about - a wide-reaching study into remote-controlled LR and Transit vans, with optional self-assembling aerials and cabinet fiddling robotic arms, curently under tiptop secret initial DEC scrutiny for the next EP round.

    Look - here's one they made earlier:


  10. I was wrong Andie - they do stock what you need:


    Edited to add: MDN - you're either really really old or a total spotter!
  11. Nice pads carpet there!!
  12. I think we're all aware of what they are.
    I also think We should applaud your skill in finding us.
    There aren't many sites you can go to where 10,000 users will happily give you this sort of information.

    Allow me to explain:-

    what they are is asdf98asd9*&DFG7dchqar87376&*&*S)GA80GF H*&6^%5gYUSBHbD875d^%sbvgUS

    I've obviously had to put it through the standard issue obfuscator, as the press now have internet access you know, but you've got a standard issue de-obfuscator right


  13. Cheers DB2 - I find it blends really well with the magnolia walls, flowery mismatched curtains and snotty gits running wild on the patch! :)

    BFG - you must work for DPA in some way....