Strange lights over Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by daviroo, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys,


    Just found this video on one of the tin foil hat brigade websites that I look over from time to time. Anybody seen anything similar over there? Anybody got any idea what this is? Swamp gas? :D :?
  2. osamas mate E.T
  3. As one of the comments says, light pillars.

    Interesting though.
  4. Its those wild badgers of Basra again................
  5. Arc Light, hopefully.
  6. They're light pillars. Usually caused by the sun/moon low on the horizon with cloud layer above (ice crystals mainly). Can also form above above bright light sources on the ground such as in this video.
  7. Ber-looody typical. Every time we come up with a wizzo new weapon or technique to defeat terrur, some eejit gives the game away by gobbing off on some website.

    There were squirrels as well.
  8. prehaps not this time, but.... well who knows ;)

    only advantage is that I can see what my competitors are up too :D

  9. Indeed they are:
    Light Pillars
  10. Exodus 13: