Strange Knee Pains

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Daveybaby, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Ive been training up for a while now but recently i have had strange pains in my left knee.

    They usually come on during sprinting, however dont when im jogging or running. Plus the min i stop sprinting the pain goes away. Im 12 days away from selection and i dont want this to affect me passing.

    has anyone suffered anything similar or know what is causing the problem and if they do any tips to help heal it up before selection???
  2. Sounds like your cartelidge is on the way out, iether that or the top of your socks are too tight.
  3. Mate sounds like you need to get It checked out. Its just over a year since I had my knee injury,firstly it was a bit of knee pain, nothing too bad,I then had a rugby game and my right knee totally went. It was a right mess . I put on over 2 stone and I have no doubt it stopped my career for the year.Now it has recovered and at last I am fit enough to have a crack at a PFT. Get it sorted mate, even if it means a delay on your selection otherwise you will mess it up big time.
  4. Damn that wasnt the news i was hoping for, hopefully the doctor will just say its a stretched muscle and give me a few days rest.
  5. It sounds like the knee needs some rest, obviously you're putting more strain on it sprinting as opposed to jogging. See the Doc to rule out anything nasty that might be happening though. Resting it for 7-10 days won't make much difference to your fitness.
  6. just been to the docs its just a strain on my knee.just had 5 days off for the flu so how much will my fitness degrade as i have selection in 12 days and im joing the paras :S
  7. Rest is just as good for the body as exercise - and should be programmed into your regime

    Its dangerous to train when you have cold/flu/ man flu anyway

    give you knees a littel rest - get on an exercise bike and 'gently' mobilise.

    Recruit selection are looking for raw potential - not the finished article

    good luck
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If you are not fit enough now, 12 days will make little difference. Listen to the doctor, and rest. Then go balls out on your recruit selection and you should be fine. You potentially have years of service ahead of you to mess up your knees - don't rush into it!
  9. hehe good advise yer gonna sit on my knee and just work on upper strength for a few days. could do the run before this bad spell so i should still beable to force it out on the day XD
  10. Even though i have not posted anything i gotta say good luck with selection and get into the paras. :D
  11. chz mate its only 3 days away now and i cant wait to get there. Ran on my knee yesterday and after bout half a mile the pain sorta numbs itself out :p so lookin good :D
  12. take it easy between now and then, dont blow a gasket!!

    Good luck
  13. Hi mate, I`ve suffered knee pain for eons through powerlifting and I find that a daily dose of Glucosamine sulphate and chrondroitin with a cod liver oil tablet works a treat. Takes about five weeks to kick in but hopefully knees are for life.
  14. Mate i had that same problem it was sound when i was running but when sprinting i was a right pain in the end i got used to the pain. However one night when running i felt somthing tryin to pop threw the side of the knee went to the mo and ended up having ACL reconstruction on my left knee. 3mths later and i was just about walking on in without my sticks nevermined trainning. Just be carefull chap.