strange internet/web problem

Posting this on ARRSE as I know there are some very tech savvy people about, but mainly because it is the only page(s) I can access on the web....

WiFi laptop - on home wireless network, via Orange broadband... never had a problem with it before....

It connects fine, both local network and out to the internet (even the Vista diagnostics says the connection is fine) but ARRSE - set as home-page - is the only one I can access... NO OTHER PAGES WILL LOAD. Firefox is my usual browser... but tried I.E (7) too, same problem.

Thought it might have been an inadvertent change to my firewall set-up - but haven't changed any of that, and I get the same problem when I tested it with the Firewall shut-down.

When I run Outlook, my outgoing mail servers function function on all my email accounts, and incoming works on all but one.....

So obviously the connection to the net is working - or I wouldn't be on ARRSE, but why is this the only site I can access...?

any takers...?
Cancel my last..

it seems the problem was with Orange, or a server somewhere... all working fine now of its own accord.
Am not a complete tech novice... and no, it wasn't cached.

It was actually just Orange service/server issues....

so it is all working fine now.

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