Strange halftrack markings

A few years back I gave my M3 halftrack an overhaul and repaint. When rubbing down layers of paint on the bonnet/hood I came across these markings. It's obviously ended up in Germany, presumably at a training depot of some sort. Can anyone throw any further light on what you can see here?

Here I have gone over them in white chalk

Also came across the white chalk bit below


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USA Training Support
Exercise Area HQ
Possibly Camp Aulenbacher (map gives me between Rhineland and Saarland. Sounds right for US Zone).
Used as a base training vehicle for units rotating in for training. Early version of what the Army called POMCUS
I've checked with journalists,

it's a tank
Some of you are not taking this seriously!

I'm just jealous of Halftrack having a halftrack. I did have a Dodge WC52 for a while and that was fun.:cool:

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