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Strange goings on - Fur handcuffs FFS

Well thats made me smile for the rest of the day! you couldn't make this stuff up!

He later told a court: 'I couldn't move. She grabbed the top of my pyjamas and tore them from my body until I was naked.

'I didn't wish it to happen. I was extremely depressed and upset after being forced to have sex.'

This 'rape' occurred three times.

For the record, his pyjamas, later produced in court, were light blue and 'silky'. He also claimed to have been wearing some kind of Mormon chastity belt underneath. Alas, to no avail.
I've given this a bump, cos people really ought to read this. Well I think so anyway. It sounds as though MDN could have been involved (or certainly would have like to have been).

If you don't bother to read it, that's entirely up to you, but your life will be just that little bit less rich than it could have been.
Any bloke who claims he was raped by a doris is gay. Fact.

She sounds like a bit of a character. I would imagine that most (male) Arrsers would happily let her tie them to the bed in silky pyjamas and ravish them. I fcuking would.

Fcuking homo (him, not me).


Kit Reviewer
bobath_lost_his_account said:
McKinney met the similarly bailed May and the pair fled to Canada, using false passports and disguised as deaf-mute mime artistes.
Thats sound ace. You can't send me back to Iraq, I have an escape plan. Who's with me?
I can't believe Customs fell for it. Two mime artists in white makeup and stripey tops trying to board a plane? Mildly suspicious, methinks...

Oh, and recent pictures suggest she's now a rutter. Even I'd probably have to pass! Back then, however, I wouldn't have needed the handcuffs. I might have asked for them, but they wouldn't have been necessary...

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