Strange garden weight


War Hero
Tap with a hammer to knock the rust off
Didn't someone post a similar photo a while back...and the Police ended up having to evacuate his street?
Leave it outside a pikey encampment they'll soon deal with it
Instead of phoning the PoPo and getting it made safe by professionals, why not ask a bunch of old soaks on the Internet, that’s the safest thing to do. Utter genius
Fused Artillery or Naval round hard to tell..doesn't look like solid shot , so as in all things if in doubt treat as live. Put somewhere safe and call the relevant people.


War Hero
chuck it in next doors garden and go on holiday
If this is a wah, then fair enough.

If not, please call the police. It would make a worrier like me feel happy.
Didn't realise this was in the NAAFI:

Put it in a vice and hit with a club hammer on the pointy bit, couple of taps should tell you if it is live or not.
Anybody I’d this, it still has a fuze on and is about 7.5 inches by 2.5 roughlyView attachment 412353
Based upon the dimensions it could be a 6 pounder. The photo shows that it is either a mechanical or igniferous time. The driving band is scored so it has been fired = It's a blind and could be filled with HE.

Call the police - NOW.

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