Strange folks the Japanese...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Nothing surprises me anymore - particularly when it concerns our Slant-eyed friends.

  2. The Japanese designed the katana sword and turned it into a work of art, which is generally accepted as the most aesthetically perfect weapon ever designed.


    They made a religion out of looking at cherry blossoms.


    They invented the haiku and the tea ceremony.


    They also invented karaoke machines and tentacle porn....

    Strange people indeed.

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  3. Nonsense.
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  4. You sir are trying to build up your likes... winning by the way...
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  5. Any country that sells used burd's knickers in vending machines is ok in my book.
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  6. Strange folks the Japanese...

    My first thought - octopus in the bath with some young lady.
  7. My first thought was - schoolgirls knickers in vending machines.

    But that's often my first thought, sad little man that I am...
  8. sunnoficarus: Whatever the fuck were you searching for when you found that link??
  9. Yep :)
  10. The Japanese must be clever, they have higher debt levels than the Greeks yet still have a car industry. Going by their porn kiddy fiddling must be compulsory there......I wonder if they'd ever heard of Jimmu Savirrl.

    Those model shithouses, do they have scale model Jap gloryholes....if so i was wondering....what shape were the holes?
  11. One of my mates is married to a Japanese lady, and she's ace. She seems to subscribe to the Kamikaze school of driving her Range Rover Sport. All 4 corners of the thing are "distressed".

    Her and my mate are back and forth to Japan on a pretty regular basis, and from the photos I've seen, they eat some weird stuff, most of which looks uncooked.

    When I was introduced to her, my mate said "This is Andy, his Granddad kicked your lot out of Singapore, and then Burma"
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