Strange Experience in Sainsburys

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cpunk, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    On my way home from work, in uniform, I stopped at Sainsburys under instructions from the glamorous Mrs cpunk to buy some wine. Whilst going through the self-service checkout, I was approached by one of the staff who asked if I was 'on duty'. I said no and his response was 'Oh, that's OK then; it's just we're not allowed to sell alcohol to people who are on duty'.

    I thought this was a bit odd; and as I think about it more, it strikes me as even odder. What the fcuking fcuk business is it of theirs whether I'm on duty or not, and what would he have done if I'd said yes? To be fair to Sainsbury's, he didn't seem the brightest of individuals so he may have been barking up some tree of his own invention, but it would take an imaginative leap to do so.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences?
  2. Cpunk,

    There was a similar incident at the service station on the A3 just outside guildford a while back. A soldier in uniform on his way home for a weekend was refused alcohol by the service station staff.

    Daily Mail blame asian worker for this!

    There was much 'outrage' and the service station HQ issued an apology saying that they're not permitted to sell booze to on duty policemen and assumed the same applied to military...

    ...but in answer to your question, its no business of theirs if you're on or off duty...only the other day was i quaffing booze whilst on duty at a Sgt Maj's LSGC presentation
  3. The Brother in law regularly gets asked the same question in Tesco but it doesn't matter which till, self serve or populated. If you are wearing a uniform of any type they have to ask these days.
  4. When I took my licensing exam a few years back the law stated that among the obvious stuff like 'not selling to underage chavs or selling to someone you think may pass on to them outside the shop' you also can't sell to a copper in uniform. Although there have been cases where mong shop assistants have got confused and not realised the difference between coppers and forces........................

    Soldier was refused service over uniform

    By Aislinn Simpson
    Last Updated: 1:28AM BST 25 Oct 2007

    A veteran of the Afghan conflict was refused service in a petrol station because he was wearing his Army uniform.

    The officer claims an Asian store attendant told him to change his clothes before he could buy beer.

    Witnesses claimed the attendant, at the Wisley South Connect station on the A3 near Guildford, Surrey, was anti-war and prejudiced against soldiers.

    The officer, a captain with the 16 Air Assault Brigade, reported the incident to store operator BP and to the Army Families Federation (AFF).

    The federation reacted with outrage, saying soldiers should not be judged on the decisions of their government.

    A BP spokesman insisted the attendant was "over-zealous" and had simply "misunderstood" licensing laws meaning he cannot sell alcohol to uniformed policemen.

    He added that staff at the site have been retrained and said: "We have given our sincere apologies to the customer. This was not in any way a racist incident."

  5. Utter b0ll0cks....says who?
  6. Being in the Army, are you all not on duty 24/7?
  7. Its a company polict thing i beleive. stops em getting sued in these libelous days. Look i dont make these rules its just what i have been told, The Bil kicked up a stink about it and was told by the manager he has to instuct the staff to ask this and the are you over 21 shite for all alcohol purchases. Like i said dont blame me blame a no win no fee lawyer somewhere.
  8. Jack-a-f8cking-nory. Is there no end to your 'one-upmanship'?
  9. No. We get paid 365 days a years, 24 hours a day, but are not on duty.

    although it feels like it
  10. Similar experience in a Sainsbury's store about a month back. The Manager was called: he wanted to see my id and what were my duty hours for the day and CO's details so he could "phone right away and report this breach of the law" (Manager's words). I took my business elsewhere. If we all did this then I feel sure Sainsbury's would notice the difference.

    I am certain that there is absolutely nothing in law that demands that a shop must enquire about wither we are on duty or not before making a sale, so it is only the shop's policy in trying to be dictators as to what we can buy and when.
  11. although under JPA i've now no idea what my daily rate is....

    (psi knowts my salary divided by 365, ta, but in the old days salary was always articulated in a daily rate!!)
  12. I know goon, its sh1te :roll:
  13. My bold. I doubt it!

    However I have experienced this. It is normally a case of people getting confused about the rules regarding police in uniform.
  14. If it is their policy, its ridiculous.
    If they had a licensed bar serving alcohol for immediate consumption, I'd understand it, but refusing to sell sealed containers is ludicrous.
    Do they have the same policy relating to the condoms and lads mags that they sell?, after all, getting your wild thing on, or knocking one out in the bogs, whilst on duty, is also contrary to QRs.
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I had similar a few months ago when the girl behind the till asked whether I was in the army and on duty.

    I explained that I was just a re-enactor on my way home from a military show so she served me.

    See, there is something to be said for walting.