Strange event in Copenhagen yesterday

Danish police have detained a man injured by a small blast at a Copenhagen hotel amid media reports he was a would-be suicide bomber.

He suffered slight injuries on his face and arms and was arrested in a park where he is believed to have fled after the blast at the Jorgensens Hotel.
BBC News - Man held after 'suicide' blast at hotel in Copenhagen

Some rather bizarre details given on the local news here, but it seems that he may have been a foreigner of some description (either Dutch, Belgian, or Luxembourger) and of North African extraction. Apart from the bomb it seems that he also had a pistol.
More bizarre details released today.

It seems that his target was Jylland Posten's (the newspaper who published the Mohammed cartoons) office in Århus. Quite impressive that he blew up a toilet in Copenhagen instead. At least he got the correct country!

More details released now. It seems that he is a Chechen Muslim called Lors Doukaiev who was living in Belgium who has a serious bee in his bonnet about the Mohammed cartoons. He was using TATP which the local police think he may have manufactured whilst in Denmark.

It seems he was a bit of a boxer too. Here is an old video of him from Belgian TV:

YouTube - Se Bombemanden fra Ørstedparken bokse (HQ)
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