Strange Electoral Pacts - Lib Dems/UKIP & the NDM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldcodger, May 5, 2010.

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  1. The UKIP have totally endorsed the National Defence Medal Campaign: The Chairman of the NDMA is none other than the Lib Dem Candidate for New Forest, Colonel Terry Scriven RMP. Given that UKIP is anti Europe and Nick Clegg is very pro Europe this is a strange marriage. I wonder if Nick Clegg, he of very mixed race, knows what his pompous SD Wearing, I am an Ex Monkey Colonel, is up to????
  2. No need for the Boxheadese racial slurs Old Chap....
  3. Sorry, should have put very mixed up race to describe Clegg. No boxheadese intended. It is nice to see that Julian Lewis MP soundly trashed Colonel Terry Scriven in New Forest East. So much for Scriven trying to pull Service Votes over his promise to give all the deprived non - medalled Veterans the National Defence Medal so that they can feel wanted. I wonder how much longer he will stay as Chairman of the NDM Assoc. The other main backer of the NDM Assoc , the UKIP failed miserably as well. It follows that the demand for an NDM will be likewise doomed,