Strange DROPS sighted

Discussion in 'RLC' started by brettarider, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. I live a few miles from the Leyland DAF factory and seen a strange looking DROPS on the back of a Polish low-loader had some sort of telescopic or Hyd leg system on the back and about 1/2 down the rear of the body there was some sort of lifting arm similar to the ones on the TM's any idea what it was?
  2. i think it is the drops variant that daf have sold to the polish
  3. Sharkie - a 21st Century Sherlock Holmes.......... Did you come up with that answer all by yourself? :)
  4. It will be the Simple Rail Transfer Equipment (SRTE) rack. Used maily for shifting Corimecs in Bos. You don't see them often apart from on RLC unit lines.
  5. sounds like SRTE to me
  6. Sharkie thats the bonest answer this year! keep up the good work!!
  7. why thanks i am very proud!!!!!
  8. Agreed! Sharkie gave a bone answer. But the response from Speedy, below, was at 0727 31 Aug.

    However it took buckshee a little over 11 hours to come up with his pearl of wisdom, below. 8O

    Sorry, Sharkie but don't feel so proud as buckshee must have been typing for an awfully long time to miss Speedy's quote, or he's just a dullard (unless of course he's nails, knows where I live and wants to batter me - in which case Sharkie keeps the title!) :D
  9. Yup after having a quick look on the net it was indeed an SRTE