Strange DPM Smock?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by enfield nelly, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. Gentlemen (and Ladies!):


    A Canadian interloper here - I was a military reservist for 13 years, then became a Mountie, and have always had a love of the British Army, and the kit thereof.

    I have just recently bought an interesting windproof smock via ebay, and wondered if anyone could provide some insight:

    It is woodland DPM, a la 2005 type, but has no morphine syrette pocket on the left arm, has the three 'velcro' tapes on each sleeve like the first version of the MTP smocks, and an interior label stating "this garment for training purposes only".

    Was this a step immediately prior to the trial run MTP items?

    Thanks for any information!

  2. As the old saying goes "a picture paints a thousand words"?
  3. Can't do photos from where I am right now. Suffice it to say that if you have seen the MTP smocks that were being issued prior to PCS (I believe for in-theatre testing?), it has the exact same arrangement of velcro on the sleeves, for badges.

    Except that it is in woodland DPM, and has the traiing use only label at the inside collar.


  4. Yes we have a few of those knocking about, I think someone was thinking ahead. They were on issue but whether to training units or TA only I don't know.
  5. Some Army cadets are wearing them, windproof smock style with velcro patches on upper arm.
  6. Ive seen em being worn by TA, cadets, regs, phase 1 SUTs. I think they were just to change the pattern in preperation for MTP versions. I havent seen or heard of a desert DPM version being worn though.
  7. They are/were being issued at RMAS, I've got one knocking around somewhere after I did some exchanges about a year ago, exactly the same as the other 95 smocks, just with the extra velcro.
  8. We got them as exchanges at our place, last run of the DPM smocks before MTP takes over I think.
  9. Thanks for the replies.

    I figured they were likely a "step", as the MTP was being trialled, but I am relieved to hear that they were actually issued somewhere - I feared someone might have sold me something faux.

    With the label for training use only, would that possibly indicate no IRR treatment, or...?


  10. All our newest cadets are getting issued these.
  11. I take it this is the pattern you are referring too?


    Personally don't see the point of the velcroe on the upper arm as the camp seamstress still just stitched my trf's on anyway when I had one of these.
  12. One of our lads took the velcro off the left arm to sew the Bde flash on but left it on the right arm.
  13. That was what I was issued, the velcro came in handy as they'd just started charging us for TRFs when I got it, so I managed to same some cash by using some of my old velcro'd TRFs instead of going to the tailor
  14. Yes, that's just like the one I have. Never seen one before.


  15. I got issued one of these. Doesn't say "For training use only" on mine I believe. Worn it once, in the loft now. Too heavy for the field and the hood looks like a whales foreskin in camp because the string that ties it down is too long. I could mess around with it but life's too short and my other smocks are way more ally. I will probably break it out again when I leave the service however as its not on my 1157 and for outdoor wear its actually a good jacket.

    Re TRF's. I just glued some velcro on the back and stuck that to the TRF. We have a CSM who is very keen on these boy scout badges for some reason known unto God. Luckily we only got issued 3, 2 are on my shirts, one on a combat smock I don't take into the field (the "Ripstop" smock that I use for CFT's) so I have a quasi legitimate excuse. I can't wait for the day they ditch the damn things.