Strange days In Northern Ireland!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Mar 26, 2013.

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    The DCO just called me in to the office and told me that, she thought it was very funny. Have to agree, I would have liked to see the red faced bastards choke on the words as they asked.
  3. They'll be met with tea and cakes... then bricks.
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  4. The minister was interviewed on the Nolan show this morning and constantly referred to the "MoD helicopter"; obviously couldn't bring herself to say army :)
  5. That will depend on a combination where they go and how long they are there for!
  6. One of the areas that is suffering worst is South Armagh. I doubt if there will be much bricking of helicopters going on as South Armagh farmers are just as happy to get something for nothing as any other farmer!
  7. What was it the IRA used to do to traitors?... Anyway, we haven't had a flake of snow in Somerset, it seems weird to look at the news and see drifts 4 feet high just 60-70 miles away.
  8. You don't do innuendo or sarcasm do you?
  9. Probably because if it's a Chinook it doesn't belong to the Army...

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  10. Well why not ? Every civvy authority is entitled to MACC, the sooner everyone starts talking and trusting each other, the quicker the shithole will get back to some sort of normality, and become more of a place that tourists will feel safe, inturn enabling her to pay her way rather than relying on huge Government handouts. TBF Northern Ireland has some spectacular coastal scenery, all I got to see was poxy Bandit country.
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  11. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, I do hope the Chinook crew aren't planning on staying in a local 5 star during their stay.
  12. I notice that the BBC are reporting that the TA have been asked to help clear roads.
  13. Just been announced that the Irish Air Corps are sending a rotary callsign tomorrow.

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  14. The TA have long advertised 'no Security duty' or something like that. I don't know if that gave them any sort of safety.

    I was once at a Christmas Bop when a load of TA Medics rocked up... the proverbial bus load of nurses. My mate got a proper Catholic lass/bunny boiler. Wanted to marry him within a few months and no nookie until then either.
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  15. As it's "one army" these days, the TA are periodically briefed regarding their persec