Strange confession of Conservative leader

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 1, 2005.

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    Official site of conservative party urges that British people should vote for Tories because they are more experienced, can run the country more effectively, that Labourists failed almost everywhere. But it appears that, in truth, it is irrelevant.

    Rt.hon.,learned mr.Howard as I remember sacked mr.Flight bacause he said a naked truth. Now mr.Howard said what he really thinks. But if results of elections depend only on economic situation then why mr.Flight was punished?
  2. KGB-R, what he means is that we, the UK electorate, are living very comfortably thank you (mostly thanks to world economics, rather than Neue Liabor policies). And until we see an economic slump, then we will keep the incumbent bunch of facists in power :roll:

    God bless democracy :roll:
  3. Democracy.....everybody gets what nobody wants.
  4. well if the choice is between one bunch of knuts and another bunch of kunts
    one having had a record of screwing up the economy and then going for a miassive prolonged infighting session :(
    or another bunch of kunts who hav'nt cocked up too massivly yet only the fat hamster was'nt too keen on the iraq adventure
    as I recall :(
    so why exactly replace new labour with the torys :(
  5. Not at all strange my little checkist. When people are feeling prosperous they indulge themselves and vote labour, when labour makes them feel poor they vote conservative because they want to be prosperous. The defining feature of this labour govt is how well it has hidden the damage it has done to everyones prosperity.
  6. And with the rising personal Debt and Pension problems, I'm tempted to think that the next Conservative govt is going to have one hell of a deep hole to dig us all out of by the time it comes to power...

    Sort of like it did last time come to think of it!
  7. It would have been the end of the Tories had they of won the last election. The economy is on the down and I think there is going to be real trouble ahead. The Tories could have inherited a right mess and New Labour would have been off the hook. New Labour are going to have to live in the nest they have created and they can't blame any other party. With the economy down and a massive amount of people paid state benefits or working for the state will have a huge drain on middle Englands tax payer. Luckily school diners will be healthy and foxes are better off. May be there is scope for some spin here. Foxes destroy economy and the Ruth Kelly dossier on school diners of mass destruction misled Tony!
  8. Apparently schoolkids are revolting about Olivers enforced reforms and foxes are now condemnded to death by starvation or crawling into the undergrowth after being winged by some shot.

    The only thing competent about new labour is its spin machine.
  9. Dear Leader held the erection a year early as he knew the economy was heading down. Bruin blew it which is traditional Labour, more debts for your children/granchildren.
  10. I haven't wrote that it was a stupid confession, it is a strange one. It contradicts to this waterfall of words sounded by It appears that next time a voter could say: why should I listen to you, explore you manifesto, learn about your activity? It is absolutely irrelevant.

    If I were one of Labour leaders I would say something like this: Look at our learned friends Tories. They haven't in fact anything positive to attract people. Their program is so weak that they rely not on own skills to run the country but on unpredictable things like economic situation that depends heavily on external factors (on oil prices for example). By contrast we Labourists will fight for better future of noble British people in any situation. We are fighters, they are waiters!
  11. No KGB, Fatty Prescott is the waiter.
  12. still think the torys are seriously going to have to raise there game if there ever to be taken seriously again
  13. No Ivan Ivanovich, Prescott was a steward (another name for a waiter) before becoming a politician. This is an example of British irony.
  14. I was unaware about it. Thanks. Btw, Rt.hon.,learned mr.Howard has said something new

    So now we see two conditions: Tories should change own party but it would be senseless without hardships in economics at the time of new elections.