Strange Coincidence of Migrant Piracy???

On the same day of the announcement, much to Italy's protests, that Op SOPHIA will end it's ship patrols off the African coast, the Italian Internal Affairs minister gets on twatter ...

Migrants hijack merchant ship - Salvini - English

Vessel details for: EL HIBLU 1 (Bunkering Tanker) - IMO 9753258, MMSI 511989000, Call Sign T8A3169 Registered in Palau | AIS Marine Traffic

As the ship is Palau flagged it would seem that the responsible agency to take back the vessel from the pirates would be the naval forces of the Republic of Palau. The republic has three identical vessels but I am not sure if they would have the cruising range or armament to perform a take back.
Flagship pictured:

All over for now, but the impact on the SOPHIA decision could be significant.

'Malta armed forces say a special operations team has seized a tanker that was hijacked by migrants and it is now heading to a Maltese port with the migrants and crew. Malta armed forces said Thursday that control of the vessel was returned to the captain and it was being escorted and monitored to Malta, where the migrants will be handed over to police for investigation.'
Now to send the correct message that such activities will not get you access you Europe

-So return them to Libya

But as we need to discourage piracy - hang them from the yard arm 1st

- Hanging joke aside As I understand it these people were rescued then hijacked the ship - the repercussions must be severe
Ships are obliged to help those in distress - they should in turn be protected from abuse of that obligation
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the migrants will be handed over to police for investigation
Das Boot Series 2 spoiler.

Should have used the.mutineers' line. "You are no longer a member of this crew. Get off."