Strange Canadian plane?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by datumhead, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Well it'd be difficult to edit a video to have a plane that gets blocked out by the tree line, but it could be...err...well no...forget it.
  2. As has been said it would be incredibly difficult to edit that in, but you never know.
    Interesting anyway.....
  3. Type of aircraft is not relevant, Airbus 320?

    Anyway, moving car, moving aircraft, the visual effect can be seen driving past any airfield when you are paralleling the approach path and travelling in the opposite direction to the aircraft.

    The tree line reference point makes the effect work more effectively than a clear view as is works as a visual fulcrum. Your lower speed and closeness to the reference, is directly proportional to the aircrafts speed and its distance from your reference.

    Nothing funny going on, just nature and science playing their little tricks.

  4. Those were my first thoughts to be honest, but it does seem to be not moving at all, ive watched it a couple of times now, must just be a trick of the eye.

    Can i take off the tinfoil now?
  5. Yeah, the hovering plane is weird, but what really freaks me out is all those moving trees...some kind of advanced camoflage technology?
  6. Get the same effect on the M25 near Heathrow. (Bear in mind all the $ going being spent to give the JSF vertical landing capability - not credible that an airliner could hover).
  7. It is an Aer lingus A330 on approach but it had double engine failer, so it was stuck there....I may be wrong but Im pretty certain that is it :cyclopsani:
  8. Could be.

    Or something like; Plane is 1 mile north of datum point (tree), doing 300 mph eastwards, car is 0.2 miles south of datum point and does 60 mph westwards. The geometry makes the plane appear stationary relative to the tree to an observer in the car and vice versa. But they aren't, of course. I haven't worked it out thoroughly to allow nerdy types to enjoy a gratifying feeling of superiority by correcting me.
  9. Ralph,
    Get your facts right. Aer Lingus don't fly to Montreal, Toronto or any airbases in between.
    Nor has there ever been a reported incident of an A330 making a double engine failure emergency landing anywhere in Canada.

    Onetap,(clearly a stoppage somewhere!),
    Isn't that what was said earlier? :elephant:
    Besides that plane is clearly travelling south. (Full screen it and look at the shadows)
  10. Sid,

    I think Ralph is having a bit of fun, as are the rest of us. This is so obviously a non-event that the employment of sarcasm has been deemed appropriate.
  11. Thanks Fred....I think there are too many Stephen Hawkin types on here :frustrated:

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  13. I don't think you understood the sarcasm in my post!!
    Still, at least you have a kinsman in Ralf.

  14. Ralf,

    (Whisper mode)

    I made it all up you donkey!