strange bergen take a look

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cam_up, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. anyone know what bergen this is got it from a mate,
    it has compresion strap uptop.
    3 pouches on front.
    yet its a shortback
  2. Probably just a modified bergan.
    There is a firm that will do this, cant recall the name though.
  3. this some sort of psychic test?
  4. Is Doris Stokes in?
  5. "I see dead people"
  6. " I see dumb people"
  7. "I don't see anything."
  8. "Can anyone see the enemy?"
  9. "Not Seen"
  10. Over here!
  11. Is it the new "Chameleon Camoulage System ®"? You know the one, it blends into any background...
  12. sounds like a quasimodo to me
  13. It's obviously the shortbacked 3 pouch top strapper.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I can see it in my mind's eye - it's, it's, it's . . . nope, it's gone.
  15. I know, it's one of those "magic eye" thingys.