Strange aircraft in Welsh airspace.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by RMP_boyio, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. I live within spitting distance from the coast, North Gower over looking an estuary. We usually have all sorts of aircraft mainly Tornados and Hercules using it as a training ground (low flying around 150 metres ect...). Just heard what was a rather loud flyby so rushed to the window to have a look, maybe 200-300 metres high flying slowly up the estuary was a rather slick looking aircraft with twin tails like the ones you find on the F-15 or mig. I just checked on RAF website and we don't operate any aircraft like that. Are the Russians getting itchy again. Hopefully American!
  2. The 48th Fighter wing in Lakenheath have F15 E strike Eagles

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  3. This might interest you.
  4. Could be that they are trying them out in the Pendine range D117 area but thats normaly a bombing range, Aberporth normally use the D201 area
  5. I did see a Raptor - Tiffy two ship formation over Northants a few months ago......
  6. Could have been a dragon?
  7. That F15 from 48th Fighter Wing looks about it. Based over 200 miles away, why would it be in deepest darkest South West Wales!
  8. At their speeds its only a few minutes away :D
  9. 200 miles in an F-15 isn't going to take long.
  10. Low flying area and bombing range,and its not far from Midenhall/Lakenheath in a fastjet, I was working on the tall chimny at Port Talbot Steel Works once and the buggers were coming around it below us
  11. Don't we have a couple of F35 we are trying out at the moment?

  12. 200 miles is only about 20 minutes away, plus why would they practice attacking NIMBYs in England when they can bomb some shedhole no-one really cares about :)
  13. Having said that, the old Wolverton viaduct just north of Milton Keynes seems to get a lot of attention, as does Hanslope's church steeple!
  14. If your in Penclawd you should be downing "Feeling Foul" and cockles,not looking at the sky
  15. "Penclawdd"

    Tides out so no donkies and cockles are currently out of bounds which leads to fun packed days of finding anthrax and mustard gas shells left over from WW2 and plane spotting... Fairplay for finding my location, ooh how I long to live in Bridgend.