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It has been some time now since the Army decided that it would not draw any conclusions from a persons sexual preferance, and would allow all able body personel to do there duty. is it or has it been a problem in the AAC  ???
I never met anyone in the AAC who was gay, but I don't know how a straight guy would feel if there was a person who had 'come out of the closet' and you have situations say, on exercise were there’s a chance for a shower, and it's a communal one.   How would you feel about that, all together in the buff with a gay person?  I've once done the buddy-buddy thing, where I had to keep the other bloke warm after we all had a soaking on exercise, and this person was feeling the effects.  I don't think it would bother me if the other bloke were gay, as this is a life and death situation, but I'm sure there are other lads who wouldn't share the sleeping bag.


Speaking for 4 only, the subject has never come up, at least not to my knowledge. That goes for lads and lasses.
Most would say they don't know any gay guys in the Corp. I imagine they do know a couple, they just don't know it.
Coming out in the Army takes a lot more guts than on Civvie Strasse. :-* :-*
Why would somebody fell its necesary to COME OUT as they say. is it becouse they would liike people to know there avalible ?

Or that perhaps they want special treatment ?
Got a mate here who is gay and I am impressed with the way that he has dealt with everything.  Enjoys his job and works/plays hard.  We need people like him to get some attitudes changed.  However, I'm still working on my own acceptance of male/male PDA in a forces context.  Haven't seen it yet but I know its gonna be difficult to deal with.  Some of the lesbians could do with some discretion classes though IMHO!  


No Wiggly, people do not come out for either of those reasons.
They come out as a way of explaining their lifestyle. They need to know if they can be accepted by their friends and relatives.
Most of all, they just need to get it off their chests and crack on as normal instead of ducking and diving the rest of their lives.
Gunny, I'd share a communal shower with a gay guy. If he feels the need to check me out , crack on. If he comments on it, I'll feel flattered. Remember, gay guys aren't some kind of predator of hetero's.....they don't hunt us down just to pi** us off.
Personally, I think they bring a bit of colour to an otherwise grey world.
Sod it, I'm off to Brighton. ;D ;D


I believe that it is a matter of acceptance.  Traditionally if someone was found to be gay, they would have the snot kicked out of them.  Unfortunately, in this world of political correctness, this sick lifestyle has become more acceptable to the general public.  However, in the Military, regardless whether it is the Army, RAF or Marines, there is no place for these people.(I deliberately left out the Navy for obvious reasons!).  Personally I have a major problem with trusting these guys especially on the front lines.
Gunny, I'd share a communal shower with a gay guy. If he feels the need to check me out , crack on. If he comments on it, I'll feel flattered.

Soz mate, but gulp and double gulp.  What would you do if the said person took a shine to you, maybe because he liked your body?  How would you feel then sharing the shower?  Maybe I have an attitude to gay men (not women), but I've always been okay in their presence, doesn't bother me too much when they snog, but been nakid in front of another nakid gay bloke makes me feel uneasy.
trust, what do you mean.

Could they kill ???
Would their combats clash ??? (joke)

When faced with it it remains to be seen if you or I can do that...................

But i wonder if they might cause tension in that sort of situation that is not required when all should be focused
No need to come out, unless there is somebody in there with you.

But if you see the light dont follow it you never no where it might lead............

Need a doctor fast   :-/
A couple of points:

I'd share a communal shower with a gay guy. If he feels the need to check me out , crack on. If he comments on it, I'll feel flattered. Remember, gay guys aren't some kind of predator of hetero's.....they don't hunt us down just to pi** us off.
Endex! First of all, any guy checking me out in a communal shower would freak me out regardless of whether he acted on it. Sorry, but I am not wired up to appreciate that. Imagine being the only guy in a female shower checking out all of the women, you would expect them to feel uncomfortable regardless of whether you acted on any impulse, especially if you found any of them attractive. As for feeling flattered, try repulsed and offended. While it is not my place to judge an individual, I cannot accept homosexuality as "normal" and I refuse to be bullied by the PC Thought Police into changing my point of view. Let me be clear though that equally while I will not abide their sexual practices I would not condone bullying or abuse of any individual for any reason.

I do not believe that HM Forces is the place, institution, or environment for openly, practicing, gay men or women. Nor do I accept the argument that HM Forces should be a microcosm of society. It is only becuase of the liberal intelligencia manifestly attempting to destroy the establishments of old that HM Forces have been forced to accept the unacceptable.

20 years ago joining the forces was seen as a vocation and a calling to something greater and bigger than one's self. That calling precipitated a response that meant a degree of sacrifice and in return, reward, socially, famillialy, and in standing. Pride in one's Regiment meant everything, and with that came a sense of belonging and mutual understanding. I no longer see that sense of vocation, nor do I see that exclusivity that came with it. If we now have to accept the obese and unfit, water down our training to suit the lowest common denominator, and accept people who are openly gay and counter to the culture of HM Forces then our heritage will be destroyed for ever.

I talked of vocation. I recall in the early 90's when I did my Fam Visit to the RCT. I met an officer who was known in the mess as "a confirmed bachelor". While in the mess his behaviour was impeccable, and his service exemplary. His private life (if indeed he had one) was conducted at his home in the country. Such was his sense of duty that I am sure he would never have dreamed of discussing, or introducing to the mess anything that would give any scandal whatsoever. We all know that gay men have served their country over the years, and served it well. I am not advocating that they should have been denied the opportunity to serve, but that because of a sense of calling and service they would never openly introduce a lifestyle that is at odds with the traditions of the service.

Compare that with the RAF who have attempted to be more "progressive" in their attitude. A Navigator who had a sex change and is seen by many as a source of continual embarrassment. Or this latest "offering"?,,2-2002590909,00.html


Nice one Woopert.....good to see Victorian values are still alive and kicking in the Mess.
Now, if you'd just go and sort out them damn Fuzzy-Wuzzies.... :-*
There was a guy at 657 Oakington in the early eighties, who when not wearing uniform, wore lots of makeup and very girlie clothes.
It got to the stage where orders were given to the guards on the main gate not to let him out of camp dressed that way.
They even checked the boots of peoples cars to make sure he didnt get out of camp that way.

I can remember being at a party at a pilots house and this guy turned up in a  blue suede type top and matching trousers things that only went half way down his legs, full make up, lipstick, mascara, blusher, eyeshadow, and asking all the women for makeup tips.

I think he was bisexual and the last I heard, he was working as a male stripper in Edingburgh ;D
I think his posting prior to Oakington must have been Minden

Sounds like a fully winged up Mincer, Muttely confirm?
Four years before my time in 664, Muttley will confirm when the era of the Mincer began.
good to see Victorian values are still alive and kicking in the Mess.
Not Victorian, just what I believe to be right and proper. And anyway, if even if they are/were Victorian values, why should that mean they are in any way incorrect? Modernity is not necessarily the arbiter of morality.  
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