Storybook Soldiers

Unsure if this has been posted before, but thought it would be good to raise their profile a bit:

The thing that really grips my sh1t is the post underneath the story by Tommer Spence.

I clearly remember my old man disappearing off on ops, and I didn't turn out "socially deprived."

Agreed, quite probably has no contact with the military - I am most certainly not socially deprived or neglected, yet my Dad disappeared on Ops, Exercises, etc...

Oh well, more ignorance for the masses! :D
There are people like Tommy everywhere, why he felt the need to bang on about socially deprived and all that I don’t know – im sure a few widowers and their kids wouldn’t appreciate that comment.

The point of the story book is brilliant wish I would of known about it before the Ohs tour. But something I will definitely urge him to do for next time. Why it was started for fathers away in prison I don’t know but anyway.


And he lives in Italy. Done thing military since the Romans left Britannia.
Why is there always someone to p!ss on a great idea?

Tommy Spence you are a grade A c.nut. "Socially deprived" my arsse! My uncle used to send my cousins recordings when he was with UNIFIL and they did not turn out deprived.

If I had kids when I was serving I would have does the same as him, it make both you and your child feel closer to each other.

When my mates and I were posted overseas we used to send each other audio books to keep our spirits up.

The mates I made in the forces are like brothers to me whereas the civvy friends will come and go.
Tommy Spence ?
You are who to judge exactly ?
Here was me thinking that, Blueys, e-blueys, email, text services, Paradigm phones, and iridium were enough means to get intouch with home and keep you intouch with your family.

We've al had our dads go away and we turned out fine -

"Slurghhhhh" "Yakh hibbidee blurgghhhhhh" "Hemilar humlar Bulloo"

Sorry couldn't help myself.
:D Ginge Brown is the Star of the Article... Nice One! I remember you reading out Orders to us all Ginge, it used to put us lot to sleep so your little girl should have no problem :wink:

Joking aside, what a brilliant idea...
Ginge is actually reading her kids books and not search pamphlets, isn't he?

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