.....Story Time

You've all seen the word association thread, so I thought I'd start the story thread. I'll start it off by writing a few sentances; then all you have to do is add 1 sentance so that it tells a story. Hopefully after lots of posts, it should make sense and tell one hilarious story. So, here goes; (what happens next is for you to decide!)

"Get here! Get here! Get here NOW!"

He came at us, swinging something. It struck the side of the nissan hut – there was a metallic sound – and then the RSM's ruffled voice rattling across the drill square again.

"Get the f-u-c-k here, —I’ll kill—"

The others were ahead of me. I ran, whimpering with fear. My hands still quivering from the exitement of ......
and pondering why we were all doing this once again
fcuk it I thought.. Im gonna finger myself up the arrse and see if anyone notices... Damn, I dont believe I just got spotted by....
The goat turned and caught my eye , he had an expression somewhere between suprise and suspicion, but then with a final sigh of resignation he.....
said "go on then, it beats reading that fcuked up story thread on Arrse"!!!!
Bloody hell' I thought, a talking goat, there will be money in this I'll be bound. the commercial possibilities dominated my thoughts as I struggled to maintain an erection.

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