Story of Blackadder on now

leveller said:
Thank you for that, Leveller. I would otherwise have missed it, and it was very funny!

I remember watching the last episode of BA4 nineteen years ago (was it really 1989??) and wondering aloud, halfway through, how on earth they were going to finish the episode (and series) without upsetting everyone. The programme explains how they managed it; more by accident than judgement, as it happened!

If you are a Blackadder fan, it is worth watching this on iPlayer, assuming it is available.

Well, that was revealing, it really was a 'work of art'... everyone piled into the script with some passion... just shows how putting talent in a room and letting them thrash it out can work. Says alot about how we manage creative people.
I didn't remember the episode with Baldrick starting the fire with Doctor Johnson's dictionary that he'd taken 25 years to assemble!

How on earth did they all keep a straight face whilst shooting the scenes?

I loved that scene and still weep now... it seems that Atkinson is quite a serious cove; the programme didn't big him up but I suspect it was his fastidiousness that drove the bar high. A man and his art.


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trelawney said:
Oddly it reaafirmed by theory/belief that it was not very funny until BA4?
er, have you actually seen two and three?

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