Stormont spying case collapses


There are serious undertones in this! Don't you think????

1. Unlisted hearing
2. "The prosecution offered no evidence "in the public interest". "

Is the attorney General going to give an explanation as to why it is in the "public interest" not to offer evidence in court?

In a statement from the PSNI the police said that "a crime had been committed" and they acted accordingly.

So a crime is committed - arrests made - charges preferred - preliminary hearings heard - remands made - DPP drops the charges.

Looks like another sop to SF to me.
TangoZeroAlpha said:
Looks like another sop to SF to me.
Absolutely correct.

Various Sinn Fein spokesmen have been on tv spouting about how PSNI were picking on them again, because they don't realise SF can do what they like under this govt. Not a word from Peter Hain-McGuinness-Adams to counter it, of course.
There was, apparently, no political interference in the decision to drop the charges in this case.

Mr Hain said the attorney general knew the prosecution would be offering no evidence "in the public interest".
Well, if both the Sinn Fein front-bench spokesman and Lord Cronysmith were involved, it must be true!
Public interest being that a bargain was made in giving up arms for a few backhanders (this being one of them)

I better get a backhander for my redundancy is all i'm saying.....