Any currently serving Gunners care to offer an opinion on Stormer - any good ? And how many Stormer / Starstreak in a Battery ?

Not a simple question. Mech CAD Btys pre FAS were supposed to have 3 Tps of 12 launchers at WE, 3 x 10 at PE. however there was never a tranche 2 buy of SP HVM so Mech CAD Btys were 2 x Tp of SP HVM and 1 x Tp of LML with Pzgr 6x6.

Along came FAS and a Mech Bty was axed (43 Bty due to draw down in 07) and LML was withdrawn less for 21 AA Bty and RM Tp. Each Mech Bty under FAs will be reduced to 2 x Tp of 6 x SP launchers. 21 Bty will also have 12 LML system as will the RM Tp (Bty?!).

The positive news is that HVM (SP and LML) is being fitted with SIFF and TSS, although as this is supposed to be concurrent with BOWMANisation god knows when we will see our kit back!

Once they shoe-horn all the extra kit into the Stormer we will have an excellent 24 hr LLAD system.

As for the vehicle - yeah not bad. A trifle top heavy when loaded but more reliable than Spartan. Can't quite keeep up with CR2 or WR and has now been classified as a FRES vehicle so I guess it is with us to stay for some time yet!

Indeed, as part of FRES some Stormers will stay in the Gunners too. They are earmarked to equip the FR Tac Groups that now exist in 3(UK) Div AS90 Regts (not sure about Germany).
Thanks guys - things never are simple with the Blair government.

Best regards to all currently serving from an old squaddie.
HVM isn't that bad - i would describe it as a more advanced and upto date version of tracked rapier, but with less range.

I personally prefered Towed Rapier, It was a sad day when 12 Regt RA converted over to the HVM system, thankfully i don't have to much to do with it as i am in the Arty log world now still the same regt and same Bty.

Well just thought i would flush my chain on this subject cheers
The current RAPIER system is just a name. The current system has nothing in common with original system except the name. A bit like Challenger 1 and Challenger 2. A name only.
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