Storm Around Tumbledown lyrics and tab

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DrStealth, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. i heard this song 'Storm around Tumbledown' at the local folk club the other night, a great powerful song, it had me in tears by the time the fella stopped playing, i wish i had heard of it earlier.

    Storm Around Tumbledown is written by Dave Wilson, his duo is called Winter Wilson website,
    myspace is
    You can hear a couple of minutes of him singing the song at

    My version if based on what Vin Garbutt sings on Persona .. Grata. I've also heard that Anthony John Clarke sings it, but don't think he has released it on a CD yet.

    Words and the chords I use are below, I am sure Dave Wilson uses different chords from me.

    heres the lyrics and tab -

    Dave Wilson - Storm Around Tumbledown
    Vin in D

    / C Am F / C Am F (G) /
    There's a storm around Tumbledown tonight
    There's a storm around Tumbledown tonight

    / C Am F / C Am F / G C / F G C / Am F (G) /
    Only nineteen, young and so keen, he couldn't wait
    Sailing out with the boys all the cheers all the noise, he didn't hesitate
    He'd finished his training, he knew what to do
    Its just like an excercise, home in a week, maybe two
    And the rain clouds gathered


    As they were landing, they were told, here is the test
    We're heading for Tumbledown, come on boys, do your best
    There's glory in victory, its there for the taking
    You'll all be remembered, it's history we are making
    And the rain clouds gathered


    The shells cracked like thunder, all around him they fell
    And the bullets poured down on them, like a rain storm from hell
    What am I doing here, he asked himself why
    I'm only nineteen Lord I'm too young die
    And the rain clouds gathered


    An Argentine bullet, so swift and so true
    Ended this poor boys life in a second or two
    No more will he suffer the fear and the pain
    He'll never no more see the shores of England again
    And the rain clouds gathered


    cheers to Simon for teaching me the tune, and of cource to the writer Dave Wilson, i hope you dont mind me ripping you off and posting your material here. :wink:
  2. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    thanks for this one - it's really getting you

    gonna be one of my favs for sure
    giving it a try i guess it's supposed to be either F major or D minor
  3. Just tried and liked, the MP3 version is now inbound

    thanks for the pointer to this guy.

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    Standing at the Menin Gate for the Last Post, a shiver runs down my spine and I pray for those that fell near there and during the Great War (including 2 of my great uncles (my father is 90 next July)).

    I do not cry, for I have not earned the right to cry.
  10. stop being a bunch of cnuts, No I didn't serve in the Falklands..but was in the Army at that time

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