Storing Medals in the bank


War Hero

I was thinking of putting issued medals away for safe keeping and getting some made up by some medal company, anyone else done that?

Any mileage in doing that now I have left the service, I only wear them once a year at most. I havent looked at cost etc yet

Is it worth keeping the orginals safe (in case i get robbed) and geting a 'on parade 'set? And, if i do get robbed, do you get said issued ones back from the Medal office at the same quality?

I mean my GSM was issued to me in the 70's, the rest issued to me up to when i left and I know that engraving is now done by laser



I know a few folk who framed the originals and wear replicas I don't see the harm, besides you're only being prudent.
Framing the original issued tin is a surefire way to get them lifted. If you're only going to wear medals once a year, then what's the point of getting a set of replicas mounted for wear? Get a safe and put your medals in there, and if you really must have something on the wall then mount some copies instead. Then, come November, you only have to go to the safe to retrieve your original tinware instead of going in to town only to find the bank boarded up and that your medals went on eBay several months earlier.

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