Storing Mags

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cpt_Darling, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Was speaking to a Cpl today about how you keep your mags in your ammo pouches.He was saying pointing down for ease of access, but that seems a good way to get dirt into the top rounds to me.Also stored curving inwards or outwards?

    Or is it all personal preference?
  2. As long as the centerfold is easily accessible, any way you like!
  3. I find if you clean your pouches regularly there is less chance of any dirt getting in your mags.
  4. Lightly oiled will help as you ease the mags into your quivering hoop. You can get at least six in there so I am told.
  5. Pointing down and with the top round facing out so the curve's against your body. You can fit six in (bit of a squeeze) and, no, they won't get dirty until your pouch is full of shoite. If the pouch fill with water, facing down helps them to drain. Most importantly, they are in the right position to go straight onto the weapon quickly.
  6. I recall one of my training team giving us the spiel big style about mags bottoms on the bottom of the pouch, open end uppermost. That way when the belt order gets dropped / thrown to the floor the lips don't get bent or damaged.

    IIRC one of Vietnam blokes was saying bullets pointing away form the body for obvious reasons, they also had mags open ends downwards so they could drain handy if you are in the Mekong delta.
  7. Agreed. Plus you never lost any rounds...
  8. But if you store them pointing down less chance of you losin a round rather than if stored rounds up. If you are storin up way wise put a mark in Perm pen on the uppermost you can check by a glance....between checks of course.
    Then again in some theaters this weather you will go through that much ammo it might not be an problem :)
  9. It depends on what you get used to. I keep mine round up, but thats just how I have always done it.

    This is one of those questions with no right answer.
  10. On the SAA instructors course you are told that you that you should always have rounds uppermost. In reality though I always carry my mags rounds down. When I was in NI it caused a major sh#t storm if you lost a round so its just a case of old habits die hard in my case.
  11. also to do with damaging the lips of the mag if its in upside down!
  12. Mags down, number of rounds rolling round bottom of pouch always tallied with number supposed to be in mag. Mind you bit of harry black for other mags meant that a round always got stuck on tape when it was ripped off.
  13. If you have got into the situation where the rounds are being set off on your belt kit arn't you pretty F*cked anyway?
  14. I was told magazine always up, because you can damage the lips on the mag if they are upside down, causing ill fitting mags and thus increasing the likelyhood of stoppages.
  15. In a good strong box in the back of the..........ohhhh them mags!!!!
    was just gettin interested there, some of you lot need to get out more :D