Stories of the B3

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RoyalEngineers, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Any tales of what ya get up to on the Combat Engineering Course?

    Just to give me an idea and all :roll:
  2. This is like a copy of that crappy stories of lichfield thread, damn whoever posted that :p
  3. You learn combat engineering... then get posted. Job done.
  4. I'd carried an LMG for a few days and was tasked with setting up a fire position in some bushes at Hawley for a bridge build.
    I rested my helmet on the top of the mag and heard someone sneaking up behind me on the gravel.
    I looked round and a Cpl was trying to see if I had dozed off. He asked how long I had been there and looking at the bridge, I said about 90 minutes and was due to be relieved soon.
    When he went, I noticed they were actually stripping out and i'd been asleep in the bushes for several hours :D

    Cue evil laugh.....Muahahahaaaaaaaa :twisted:
  5. If only it was that simple :wink:
  6. Never did a B3, JLRRE passed out as B2's :D
  7. i remember getting carrying handle rash because the Cpl thought i wasnt putting in enough effort.

    Oh how it smarted fun times !!!
  8. I seen the thread name and thought it was about Layby Liles on the B3 near Hohne!

    I think that this would make a good thread!!!
  9. The layby just north of Heber :oops:

    I only stopped for a coffee of course :wink: , nice van she had though and a Fkn great all over tan :D
  10. Did JLRRE left as B3 went to Gib for 6 weeks to finish off and left as B2's

    (AR and JT left Gib as B3's)
  11. Whores in laybys, only in Germany.
  12. Ah the good old puss bus :-D
  13. Aye stand corrected Sir,
    I did spend 3 weeks at Southwood, to do MGB, MWF and demonstrated to the "starchies" how to do Watermanship properly as Hawley lake is a bit downsize from Upnor Hard and Dover Harbour.

    Fk it was 30 years ago though, so my simple mind shifts around like a EWBB launching nose without SwayBrace.
    Just because the pins in doesn't mean it will stay there :D
  14. I was with one of first intakes through Gib in 84 and only did a year a Dover

    I believe a few years before I got to Dover they did 2 years at JLRRE and less at Cove
  15. The memory i have of my B3 at Gib is of two ladies ... The Scoff Monster and the Spacker in the Jacko. Thank fcuk one of thems gone. I only have the 10 percenter in the Jacko shouting "cup of tea" to contend with.