Stories from the Old and Bold

Before this goes Pete Tong I'm talking about stories from stories and tales from vetrans who after a few jars tell you stuff they wouldn't tell their kids and grandkids but reckon you'd appreciate it because your in the same job.

I got a few from a guy who is no longer with us and if I put his tales down here a form of tribute and so here goes....

The guy I knew was a member of a TA Artillery unit that was formed when WWII kicked off, and because all the guys he worked with and joined up with him all worked in a fish market, they became known as Fish Troop and stayed together for the whole of the war. From BEF to landing on D-Day to VE Day

The first tale he told involved his false teeth, no need to go into details of why he had false teeth, so on with the story.

Fish Troop found themselves as part of the BEF and involved in the Phoney War and as they all thought they were going to die the next day every night they went drinking, whoring, etc. (Wonder why the old boy thought I'd like these stories? :lol: ) Anyway after spending a few days in the same loc using a barn as a doss house, the Troop gets on parade in the morning and there's our Gunner miserable as sin, and when his troopies asked what the trouble is he says I've lost my teeth. Cue much searching including emptying the barn of everything and then when no teeth are found everything goes back in. After all this our Gunner puts his greatcoat on sticks his hands into his pockets and...

Ooops! One set of teeth. :oops:

His mates weren't too hacked off as they managed to clean out all the bodily fluids that had been left in the barn over their stay.!!!!

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